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31 Aug 2022

How to record (and transcribe) Clubhouse conversation in 5 easy steps

Automatic transcription

Clubhouse is a new audio-chat-based social networking app. Right now the only way to become a user of this hybrid app of conference calls and talkback radio is by getting an invitation. Also – you need to have an iPhone, as it’s still not available for users with phones running on Android. If you’re lucky enough to get invited, you can jump into different rooms, that covers topics you’re interested in most. You can also set up your room and start a conversation. What you can’t do right now is to record any conversions through an in-app option. The application doesn’t offer any captioning or subtitling ongoing conversions as well. That’s why we’ve prepared an easy 5-step guide, that will help you not only record any conversation you might find interesting but also – how to subtitle them with a transcription service.

Why recording Clubhouse sessions can be important?

Many rooms cover highly interesting topics, like marketing, entrepreneurship, books, health, or finance. Sometimes big names, like Bill Gates or Elon Musk, take part in these conversations. Believe it or not, but such an audition can be filled with key takeaways or interesting observations.

Try to imagine taking notes with multiple participants. That can be a very challenging task (but of course feel free to try!). What’s much easier and efficient is to record and transcribe such sessions. This way you’ll not only have the audio but also a transcript, that will allow you to find the most interesting parts of recorded conversations.

How to record and transcribe Clubhouse conversations?

The fact that the app is currently only available for iPhone users, makes the whole recording process unified. Please keep in mind that you should always ask for the speaker’s consent before you decide to start recording, as not having any authorization might be a violation of law in your place. If that’s covered – we’re ready to start recording:

Step 1: Add Screen Recording to Control Center

Go to the Settings > Control Center > Add Screen Recording to Included Controls

iPhone general Settings view with marked Control Center entry

Step 2: Open the Clubhouse application and join the room

Step 3: Slide down (or up for iPhone with TouchID) to access Control Center and tap the Screen Recording button

iPhone control center with marked Screen Recording button

Step 4: When you’re finished with the recording, go to the Photos to export your file

Step 5: Use Amberscript’s automated transcription service

  • Sign in to your account (if you don’t have an account yet – sign up here – the first 10 minutes are free).
  • Upload file you’ve exported in previous step. Amberscript’s editor supports many audio file types, like: .mp3, .mp4, .aac, .m4a or .wav. Also video file types are supported: .mp4, .mov or .mpeg. Full list of supported formats can be found here.
  • Select desired transcription language and click “Proceed”.

Now all you need to do is wait for our automatic speech recognition (ASR) engine to do its work, and after a while, you’ll be able to edit or cut your file and export transcription into a desired text file format.

# Tip for recording Clubhouse sessions

If you don’t want your contributions to be recorded or any other external sound apart from Clubhouse conversation – make sure to turn your microphone off.
Swipe down (or up for iPhone with TouchID) to access Control Center. Hold down the Screen Recording button for 2-3 seconds, and toggle the microphone off.
iPhone control center with marked Microphone on/off toggle

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The value of transcribed conversations

Although it’s a pity the Clubhouse app doesn’t allow in-app recording, it still makes sense to record the most interesting sessions by a third-party solution. What makes even more sense is to have these recordings transcribed. This way you can easily find the most interesting parts of due talks. Moreover, having captions makes social networking app conversations accessible for deaf and hard of hearing folks who are currently excluded from participating.

Start creating captions with ease

We truly hope this guide helped you on how to record Clubhouse sounds. This social platform is a very interesting idea, for sure worth our attention. Still – it’s a shame it does consider digital accessibility from its very beginnings.

Thanks to our automated transcription services you can convert any type of speech into text. Our ASR engines are highly accurate, especially when it comes to European languages. Find out more about our service here.

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