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Welcome to Amberscript!

We make audio accessible

Who we are
We are a tight-knit team of 3 disciplines: technology, language & science. We work hard every day to complete our mission: to make all audio accessible.


We can produce speech-to-text with 99% accuracy. Add to that a lightning-fast service. Giving you a solution to count on when it matters most.


We combine the best talents in technology, language, and science to create the world’s most accurate speech-to-text tooling; innovation is our cornerstone and keeps us moving forward.


Unique people mean unique challenges that call for unique solutions. What they all require though is a genuine, human approach. At Amberscript we listen first and offer solutions after.


Our company

Our mission is to make all audio accessible. We believe thoroughly that a for-profit mindset can go hand in hand with creating an as large as possible positive impact in the world.

We help to avoid the costs and pain of manually transforming interviews, meetings, television shows, and other audio and video to texts and subtitles. 

Communication is key. It’s what helps us make sense of things and people. It’s how we exchange and process information. Communication is what makes the world go round. With our analog and the digital world becoming increasingly intertwined, it requires us to build bridges between the two. To prevent the loss of information and the exclusion of certain groups in society.

 Our answer is a unique combination of three disciplines: developers who implement innovative technologies, linguists who untangle the complexities of language, and scientists who discover the latest AI developments.

By making the power of language accessible to everyone, we aim to bring the world closer together.


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Digital accessibility

Digital accessibility sits at the heart of Amberscript. It can be tied back to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal #3: Good health and well-being.

Ever since the start, Amberscript has worked closely with people who have a hearing impairment. Their continuous feedback allows us to build better services. Services that in turn, help organizations comply with Digital accessibility regulations. Because the power of language should be available to everyone.

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Why Amberscript?

We are united in our diversity. Our company is home to more than a dozen nationalities and combined we speak over 25 languages.

It is no wonder we strive to improve communication for all. All of us have one thing in common: we are surrounded by driven, supportive teammates who push us to be better.

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Our values

We make audio accessible

Take ownership

Take the initiative to find solutions and create opportunities

Be ambitious

Go the extra mile to create the future

Stay genuine

Be yourself: we thrive on diversity

Delight customers

Be approachable and put our clients first

Meet our


See who help us to make a difference

Janaina Santos, Marketing Lead

Our marketing team makes sure you understand 
how Amberscript benefits you.

Timo Behrens, Technical Lead

Our technical team ensure your products 
run smoothly.

Thomas Dieste, Commercial Lead

Our commercial team will explain everything
 to you about our products.

Jolien de Louw, Operations Lead

Our operations team coordinates all manual
 jobs and transcribers.

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