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Automatically transcribe your interview in minutes, not hours

Automatic transcription for students – Achieve academic excellence by automatically transcribing research interviews, group discussions, lectures, experiments, and more.

  • Goodbye manual typing: Let AI handle the conversion of audio to text.
  • Achieve up to 85% accurate transcriptions in over 39 languages.
  • Quick turnaround: Get your transcript in just a few minutes.
  • Upload, search, edit, and export with ease
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Simple, Fast, Precise

Our transcription service for students


Effortlessly transcribe your documents with user-friendly online editor & export in all common file formats.


Get your transcriptions with high accuracy in no time, thanks to our advanced AI.


Our transcription services adhere to highest standards and quality guidelines.

Uplift your academic success with Automatic transcriptions
Learn why our transcription AI is the best choice for your academic career.

Save time and effort in interview transcription & data analysis.

Take your qualitative research to a new level.

With our AI-based transcription software, the days of manually typing out every interview or group discussions are gone. We offer fast, precise transcription of any audio or video recording with the best quality possible. With our software you can find more time to focus on your research rather than wasting time with details. With our user-friendly interface you can also edit your transcription with relevant quotes, research data or any other thing you can imagine.

Stay fully focused on your courses.

Taking lecture notes has never been this easy.

With our AI-based transcription software, you can seamlessly follow your professors’ lectures while automatically generating precise text versions of the lecture recordings. This allows you to actively engage in class and comprehend complex topics without missing any crucial information. Our automatic transcriptions simplify reviewing lecture content, promote efficient learning, and keep you centered on your academic objectives. Say goodbye to time-consuming note-taking – elevate your lecture experience with our advanced software!”

Academic success in 3 steps:
Upload your audio or video file on our user-friendly platform in just a few seconds

Upload your audio or video file on our user-friendly platform in just a few seconds

Screenshot of Amberscript's editor

Upload your audio or video file on our user-friendly platform in just a few seconds

Export or share your transcript or subtitles by Amberscript

Upload your audio or video file on our user-friendly platform in just a few seconds

  • 1 Upload
  • 2 Choose your service
  • 3 Export or share

You are in safe hands.

GDPR-compliant + ISO 27001 & ISO 9001 certified

Where can I use transcription software as a student?

Make an instant summary

Make an instant summary of a lecture/conference by recording audio and converting it into a text document. By doing so you can easily navigate through and find useful information. (P.s – don’t forget to ask permission for that!)

Improve your interviews

Improve your interviews by getting a quick and accurate transcription. This will come in handy for your thesis or any other qualitative research!

Get the most of your brainstorming

Extract the maximum value from team brainstorming and focus groups. By recording the content of your workgroup meeting and transcribing it to text format, you make sure that not a single bright idea gets lost or forgotten.

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