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We are different with data

At Amberscript, your data is private and secure. As it should be.

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  • Do data remain within the European Union?

    Amberscript’s IT infrastructure is designed to ensure full GDPR compliance and the highest levels of data protection. We store all data exclusively in Western Europe, adhering to stringent security measures to protect, store, and handle your data. All data that is processed by Amberscript will be stored and processed on highly secured servers with regular back-ups on the same infrastructure. For transcriptions that are performed in English, Dutch, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Finnish, German, Portuguese, Italian and Spanish data will never leave the EU. For other languages, Amberscript might use third-party providers for processing and the data might leave European Servers for processing. For all of our third-party providers, we made agreements that the data will be deleted directly after processing.

  • Do you provide NDAs or DPAs?

    Yes, we offer NDAs and DPAs. For enterprise customers, we offer custom-made NDAs and DPAs. To learn more, please contact us here.

  • How do you keep my files secure and confidential?

    Amberscript’s IT infrastructure is built on the server infrastructure of Google Cloud Platform located in Frankfurt, Germany. All data that is processed by Amberscript will be stored and processed on highly secured servers with regular back-ups on the same infrastructure.

  • How do you ensure that files are secure when shared with third parties? (e.g. transcribers)

    For our manual transcription services, when data is transferred internally for manual transcription or for quality checks, the data never leaves the servers of Amberscript. Only qualified transcribers which are assigned to the specific transcription job can access the data. All transcribers are trained to handle sensitive data with great care and all transcribers signed NDA’s and DPA’s. Traffic to the database is encrypted using SSL and all communication between front end and back end is encrypted using the latest version of TLS.

  • How long are my files stored?

    In order to ensure that you can always access your data, your content stays on our servers during your time as an active user. If you delete your account, all your data will be deleted from our servers within six months unless you delete the data earlier yourself. To delete data earlier, you can delete the transcripts directly from your Amberscript dashboard.

  • Are you ISO27001 certified or do you have any other ISO certifications?

    Amberscript’s IT infrastructure is built on data-servers provided by Google Cloud Platform, which are certified to the highest standards (including ISO27001). Amberscript as a company is also ISO27001 certified and has relevant processes in place to assure quality management and integrity of data.