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Audio & video to text

Transcription and subtitles made for you

Amberscript is a trusted partner across many industries that require high-quality transcription, captions, and subtitles.

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Transcription and subtitles made for you
Transcription and subtitles made for you
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Industries that need accurate transcription services

Modern technologies have a significant impact in many industries. Video and audio transcription is one of these technologies.

Amberscript’s automatic, manual transcription and subtitles can be highly important in your industry, especially when it’s a large amount of video or audio, you are dealing with.

Read more in our use cases about how our solutions could contribute and affect your industry.

Solutions for your business

Transcription & Subtitles
Call Centers

High-accuracy speech recognition for call centers and contact centers

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Cut the time spent on paperwork and spend it on productive tasks

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Skyrocket your productivity and get more things done!

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Let automatic transcription software save you hours of time

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Automatically convert your audio and video to text

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Media and Broadcasting

Automatic transcription and video logging for Media Production and Broadcasting

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Media Producers

Create subtitles for your videos automatically

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Automatic Captioning & Transcription for Municipalities and Parliaments

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Transcribe your podcasts automatically

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Reliable & accurate transcriptions for qualitative research

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Automatically transcribe your interview in a matter of minutes

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Automatically transcribe your interview in minutes, not hours

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Universities & Education

Automatic Captioning & Transcription for Education Institutions

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Automatically transcribe your interview

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More industries

Your industry is not listed? Get in touch with us directly, and we’ll find a proper solution for your industry!

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