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Legal Transcription Services

  • Seamless and accurate transcriptions in all major languages
  • Fast delivery times and competitive prices
  • Security conduct that you can trust

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Searching for quick & affordable law transcription providers?

Getting accurate legal transcriptions with a smooth process is essential, especially if you want to scale and secure more clients. With Amberscript, you can get access to one of the fastest transcriptions on the market in +25 languages. We understand that sensitive documents need to be handled with care, we won’t store any data, and the only person who can review your audio-to-text file is you.

Auto transcribe your legal interviews

Automatic and human intelligence work hand in hand to give you the most accurate transcriptions on the market

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How it works

Upload your audio or video file. Set the language in the file and the number of speakers. We use AI to transcribe your file in just a couple minutes. Sit back and relax while we do the heavy work

Any mistakes in the transcription? You can easily edit your transcript with our user friendly editor

Quickly export your transcript in Text, SRT, VTT and many other formats.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can AI be used for transcription?

    A branch of AI is speech recognition technology, which is used by some companies to create virtual personal assistents. Companies like Amberscript train machines to be able to automatically recognize speech, which is the core of the automatic transcription tool. 

  • How do I get more accurate transcripts?

    The quality of the audio greatly affects the accuracy of the transcripts, for both manual and automatic transcriptions. In our blog you can read about how you can easily improve your audio quality.

  • How to use the online editor?

    The online editor has an easy-to-use control panel, that will allow you to adjust timestamps, highlight passages and edit the speaker identification. To edit parts of the text in the transcript, simply click on the part you want to edit and the cursor will appear. You can also press alt while clicking in a text, which makes the audio jump to that part. 

  • What file formats are accepted?

    Our software supports all popular audio and video formats, including MP3, MP4, WAV, AAC, WMA and M4A.

  • What is the turnaround time?

    Our state-of-the-art speech engine delivers results in less than an hour (depending on the size of the file, it can also just take a few minutes). Just upload your audio into our system and we will notify you as soon as the file is ready! if you would like to learn about turnaround times for our manual transcription services, click here.

  • What is transcription?

    Transcription is the process of converting speech or audio into a text format. Captions and subtitles are formatted to be shown in video, while a transcript is plain text. 

  • Which languages are supported?

    The Amberscript AI currently supports 39 languages.

  • Do you also offer translations?

    Yes, we do. We regularly do projects in many different languages. If you have a request please let us know through our contact form. Translated subtitles can be requested during the upload process.

  • Do you provide full verbatim or clean read transcripts?

    In the manual transcription service, we provide both transcription types. 

  • Which languages are supported?

    We offer the human-made transcription services in 15 languages. If the language you are interested in is not on this list, please contact us through our contact form. Machine-made transcriptions are available in 39 languages.

  • Are there limitations on the number of files I can upload?

    No, you can upload as many files as you would like.

  • Are you ISO27001 certified or do you have any other ISO certifications?

    Amberscript’s IT infrastructure is built on data-servers provided by Amazon Web Services, which are certified to the highest standards (including ISO27001). Amberscript as a company is in the process of setting up it’s ISO27001 application and has relevant processes in place to assure quality management and integrity of data.