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Legal Transcription Services

Perfect transcriptions for lawyers: Choose the ideal solution for accurate documentation.

  • Up to 100% accurate transcriptions, for comprehensive insights into your legal documents.
  • Choose between human expertise and automated efficiency.
  • Responsible data management with the highest standards of data protection.
  • Rapid processing times and numerous export options.
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Simple, fast, accurate

Our transcription service, customized to your needs


Upload your file to be automatically edited either by our advanced AI or by our professional transcriptionists, and then export your transcript.


Within minutes, our AI creates your transcript with up to 85% accuracy. Our experts provide you with transcripts that are 100% accurate within 24 hours.


Our transcription services meet the highest quality guidelines. Use the time you save for more important tasks.

Automated or professional transcription?
Why automatic or professional transcription is the right choice for your legal needs.

Automatische Transkription
Efficient transcription for audio data

Quick insights from extensive legal information sources

Automatic transcription is proving to be extremely useful and time-saving for lawyers in the legal field. It allows fast conversion of oral testimonies, court appearances, and witness statements into written formats. This is especially useful for getting a quick overview of the subject matter, searching for specific information, or highlighting relevant passages for later use. Automatic transcriptions offer attorneys an efficient way to organize information and streamline workflow without sacrificing accuracy and detail.

Professionelle Transkription
Precise transcriptions by experienced professionals

Your partner for sophisticated legal documentation

In the legal field, the use of professional transcription services opens up a world of precise and accurate documentation. In complex legal matters where precision and context are paramount, professional transcription provides invaluable accuracy. Expert transcriptionists understand specific legal terminology, capture subtle nuances of language, and ensure meticulous documentation of court hearings, interrogatories, and legal discussions. With professional transcription, legal professionals can be confident that they have a reliable and detailed written record that is invaluable in legal disputes and research.

Transcribe in 3 easy steps
Upload your audio or video file on our user-friendly platform in just a few seconds

Upload your audio or video file on our user-friendly platform in just a few seconds

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Upload your audio or video file on our user-friendly platform in just a few seconds

Export or share your transcript or subtitles by Amberscript

Upload your audio or video file on our user-friendly platform in just a few seconds

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DSGVO compliant + ISO27001 & ISO9001 certified

The online editor of Amberscript

Your tool for precise and structured legal transcripts

We know how important it is for you to keep track of your transcripts and find relevant information effortlessly.

With our online editor, you can not only effortlessly distinguish between speakers, but also mark up and annotate your transcripts. Never again lose the golden thread in voluminous legal documents. Our tool allows you to highlight important passages, insert annotations and see connections more clearly. These functions not only make your work easier, but also save valuable time when searching for specific information.

Lawyer in front of the laptop uploading a document for law transcription
Secure transcription solutions for lawyers

Trust in precision and confidentiality with Amberscript

Privacy in the legal field is a top priority, and as lawyers you know how critical it is to protect confidential information. When choosing a transcription service, this is of particular importance.

Amberscript understands the sensitive requirements of the legal environment and places the highest value on privacy. Our advanced technology and professional transcriptionists ensure that your legal documents are kept secure and confidential. We follow strict quality guidelines to ensure that your data is in safe hands.

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