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Let Automatic Transcription Software Save You Hours of Time

  • Make your workflow more efficient with no additional effort
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Searching for quick & affordable transcription providers?

Transcription has been an important part of legal services industry for quite some time. Legal transcription finds its applications in a range of cases from transcribing court sessions to converting audio evidence to text for easier overview. However, with the advancements in IT, transcription can now be performed at a much faster turnaround and at a lower cost. Our online transcription tools converts audio files to text in minutes (not days!) and works with 25+ languages. Furthermore, with us you don’t need to worry about privacy, the only person who will ever review your documents is you.

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How it works

Upload your audio or video file. Set the language in the file and the number of speakers. We use AI to transcribe your file in just a couple minutes. Sit back and relax while we do the heavy work

Any mistakes in the transcription? You can easily edit your transcript with our user friendly editor

Quickly export your transcript in Text, SRT, VTT and many other formats.

Our app is now available!

Our app is now available!

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