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Reach new audiences with translated subtitles

Erase language barriers and attract a global audience with Amberscript’s professional subtitle translation services. We provide fast and accurate subtitle translation for your content in 18 different languages.

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Amberscript: Your trusted subtitles translator

Are you tired of inefficient subtitle translation tools? Do you want to find a quicker and more accurate service for your subtitle translation project? Amberscript can help. Our native speakers can speed up your subtitle translation process while you focus on other meaningful projects. Receive translated subtitles fast, and scale your content globally with Amberscript today.

Translated Captions

Our team of native speakers translate your audio so you can scale your content for a global audience.

  • Accurate text translated by native speakers
  • Straightforward process, upload your files and we handle the rest
  • Accelerate the turnaround with rush orders and get files back in 24h
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Reach a wider audience by letting our industry leading software and professional subtitlers help you in the process.

  • Upload your video file onto our platform
  • Our subtitlers will translate automatically generated subtitles
  • Export as video with subtitles, or the subtitles separately in Text, SRT, VTT or EBU-STL and many other formats
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The best translation services for your video subtitles

Fast Output

Our professionals translate subtitles quickly. On a rush order, you can receive your translated subtitle file within 24 hours.

Superior Quality

Our team creates high-quality subtitle translations that are up to 100% accurate. We work with skilled native language speakers.

Guaranteed Safety

Your files are confidentially stored in a secure environment.

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What is Subtitle Translation?

Subtitles help viewers understand the content of a video created in a foreign language. Subtitle translation is the process of converting subtitles from one language to another, taking into account cultural references and linguistic nuances. Subtitle translation helps you scale your content to a global audience and connect with your viewers in their target language.

Amberscript offers quality subtitle translation services with high precision. Our professional linguists translate your content, and expand your reach to a global audience.

How can I translate subtitles?

Subtitle translation is best done through professional services such as Amberscript. We work with native speakers of your content’s original language to create flawless subtitle translations. In just a few clicks, get started with Amberscript’s translation services. Upload your video file and let our professionals handle the rest.

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We help different industries translate video content into different languages
Media & video production

Start reaching to your global audience by adding translations to your music videos, movies, TV shows and more.

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Government & parliaments

Ensure full accessibility of your video content for all citizens.

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Make your video lectures and learning videos global by adding professionally made video translations.

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Volume discounts and dedicated project management

Request a quote for large captioning projects:

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  • Centralized billing
  • Dedicated project management
  • Non-disclosure agreements

Subtitle translation FAQs

  • What is the best website to translate subtitles?

    There are many online subtitle translator tools available. Here are some of the best services you can consider:

    1. Amberscript (Excellent)
    2. (Good)
    3. Maestra (Good)
    4. Kapwing (Good)
  • How can I translate my video subtitles to other languages?

    You can translate your video subtitles to other languages by translating the SRT file that contains the original subtitles. This is best done by professional services such as Amberscript, as we have native speakers who can translate your video file quickly and accurately.

  • How can I automatically generate subtitles?

    You can automatically generate subtitles using AI tools. Amberscript is an auto subtitle tool that creates machine-made subtitles for your video files. Amberscript also supports different file formats upon export, such as TXT, SRT, VTT, EBU-STL, and many other formats.

  • How can I add subtitles to my video?

    Adding subtitles to your video can best be done via online tools such as Amberscript. Amberscript helps you embed your subtitle file into your video fast and effortlessly. Simply upload your video file onto our platform, let our tool transform your audio into text, and then export this text as a subtitle file.

  • Can you create subtitles for YouTube videos?

    Yes, we can create subtitles for YouTube videos in just a few minutes. Simply upload your YouTube video to our platform and let our tool handle the rest. We can also provide human-made subtitles. Afterwards, edit and export your subtitles as an SRT file, VTT file, TXT file, or any format of your choice.

  • How many subtitle formats do you support?

    We support multiple types of subtitle files, such as:

    • SRT files
    • VTT files
    • TXT files
    • EBU-STL files

    Use Amberscript to create and edit subtitles. Receive your translated subtitle file in any file format.

  • Can I add subtitles for social media videos?

    You can quickly add subtitles to social media videos with Amberscript. Simply upload your video file to our platform, where our tool will automatically generate subtitles. Do you need subtitles in a new language or multiple languages? Let Amberscript’s skilled subtitle translators handle it for you. Receive your subtitle text in as fast as 24h.