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Effiziente Transkription für Politik und Regierung

Confidential solutions for complex content: Precision, reliance and privacy combined!

  • Precise capture of complex political terminology and nuances
  • Efficiency and speed: Quick access to relevant policy content
  • Flexibility to meet individual policy needs
  • 100% DSGVO compliance – Available in 39 languages.

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Simple, fast, accurate

Our transcription service, tailored to your needs

Safety and confidentiality

Our transcription services for the government and political sector set the highest standards for security and confidentiality. Our transcriptionists are subject to strict confidentiality obligations and privacy policies to ensure that your sensitive information is in safe hands.

Time efficiency

Our transcription services offer time efficiency that is invaluable in the fast-paced environment of politics. We help political organizations act more agilely and accelerate access to relevant information.

Barrier-free communication

Providing transcripts in accessible formats opens up new opportunities for people with different needs. With the help of transcription, an inclusive policy environment can be created.

Machine-made or Human-made transcription?
Why you should choose Machine-made or Human-made transcription in politics and government.

Automatische Transkription
Efficiency and quickness

At what point Machine-made transcription is the right choice

In the fast-paced political environment, where information is needed quickly, Machine-made transcription proves to be a valuable resource.

Especially in the case of extensive political discussions or speeches, it provides instant text documents. Political decision-makers can thus react quickly and make use of important information. This speeds up processes and supports quick decision-making. Machine-made transcriptions also save resources by minimizing manual work.

Professionelle Transkription
Maximum precision

And when professional transcription is the best choice

In the demanding political sphere, professional transcription is recommended for maximum accuracy and confidentiality. For political speeches and confidential discussions, it ensures accurate capture of nuances and technical terminology. It also offers secure handling of sensitive information through trained professionals and strict privacy guidelines.

Professional human transcriptionists can not only capture the verbatim content, but also understand the underlying context. Human-made ranscription thus provides customized precision and deep contextual capture.

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DSGVO compliant + ISO27001 & ISO9001 certified

Industry-specific know-how and data protection

The political landscape is characterized by complex technical terminology that requires precise processing. Amberscript’s professional transcription services bring not only specialized knowledge to the table, but also the highest data protection standards.

As Europe’s leading provider of high-quality transcriptions, we attach great importance to the protection of your data. We regularly sign Data Processing Agreements (DPAs) and Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) to ensure the highest standards of data protection. Your data is not stored outside of Western Europe and can be deleted from our servers at any time.

Parlament Debatte landtag
Case study

Live subtitles for the state parliament of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany

A pioneering initiative in the service of inclusion: automatic subtitles for live video streams of the state parliament.

With the goal of further advancing inclusion in politics, Parliament and Amberscript developed a customized speech recognition model in a groundbreaking collaboration last year. This model has been specifically trained to recognize political speeches in Parliament and subtitle them in real time. Thanks to this technology, citizens can easily follow debates in Parliament and people with hearing impairments are given the opportunity to effortlessly understand political discussions.

Our innovative technology uses deep neural networks and was developed specifically for parliamentary language, regional accents and political issues. It is based on hundreds of hours of parliamentary recordings to ensure accurate recognition. AI-powered speech recognition has already helped produce session transcripts more efficiently.

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