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Amberscript for Media and Entertainment

High-quality content localisation for media

  • Get your content in front of more audiences
  • Speed up editing time and production
  • One-stop-shop: One platform for all your localization- & accessibility needs
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Benefits for the Media Industry

Increase your reach

Get your content in front of a global audience

We understand the importance of reaching a global audience with your content. Amberscript’s solutions help localize your content so that you can reach viewers worldwide.

Our solutions include:

  • Transcripts or dialogue lists for dubbing
  • Translated subtitles per Amberscript’s guidelines, those of most popular video platforms or custom guidelines
  • Audio-to-Audio translation through synthetic or human dubbing
Inclusivity and accessibility

Make your content accessible

Many viewers watch videos without audio. Most people choose to do so, yet there is a big group that has no choice due to an auditory impairment. Amberscript provides services that help increase your video accessibility.

Our solutions include:

  • Same language captions per Amberscript’s guidelines, those of most popular video platforms or custom guidelines
  • SDH Captions that also capture sounds and tailor alignment & colors of subtitles to speakers
  • Audio description for the visually impaired
Amberscript’s technology & generative AI

Save time & streamline your workflow

Working in the media industry means working with massive volumes of content. Having the right technology at your fingertips will save you valuable time. Amberscript’s technology & generative AI are there to streamline your workflow.

Our solutions include:

  • Seamless integrations with popular technology like Avid and Adobe Premiere and works with all popular file-formats like EBU-STL, VTT, SRT, etc.
  • Transcripts for spotting, including speaker identification
  • Subtitle revisioning or customization to most popular video platforms
  • Classification of content for example to make your archive accessible
Product features

Reach a wider audience and improve accessibility with captions that include additional information, such as speaker tags, sound effects and other elements of the audio.

New burn-in captions product feature

Burn-in captions are hardcoded into your video – making them perfect for live screenings and platforms that don't support captions.

Image about the glossary product feature

Give our AI tool or team of professional transcribers and captioners a list of your internal naming conventions and terms for even more accurate speech-to-text.

Easily edit and amend your captions with our cloud-based editor that works like a word processor.

export formats

Export your subtitles in many industry standard formats like SRT, VTT, EBU-STL, AVID and PREMIERE

  • 1 Captions or subtitles per your guidelines
  • 2 Premium SDH captions
  • 3 Burn-in captions
  • 4 Custom ASR for best accuracy
  • 5 Subtitle editor
  • 6 Export in media formats

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