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Save yourself time-consuming paperwork and fully dedicate yourself to your patients

Accurate transcriptions for medical professionals: Choose the optimal solution for accurate documentation

  • Relieve medical staff of time-consuming administrative tasks
  • Precise documentation for accurate diagnoses and treatments
  • Security and privacy: guaranteed confidentiality of your patient information
  • Facilitate searching and retrieving specific information in patient records
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Our transcription service, adapted to your needs


Upload your medical recordings and benefit from automatic processing by our advanced AI or from the precision of our experienced transcriptionists. Then export the result with ease.


In no time, our AI generates accurate transcripts with up to 85% accuracy. Our experts deliver error-free transcripts within 24 hours.


Our transcription services meet the highest standards and strict quality guidelines. Gain back valuable time to devote to more important tasks.

Machine-made or Human-made Transcription?
Why the choice between automatic and professional transcription is significant for your medical needs.

Automatische Transkription
Machine-made transcription in healthcare

Time-saving and efficiency for medical documentation

In the hectic world of healthcare, efficient documentation is crucial. Machine-made transcription offers a breakthrough solution here. By quickly and accurately converting medical recordings into written text, healthcare professionals save valuable time that they can use for patient care. Machine-made transcription also helps make medical reports, findings and protocols more accessible and searchable in digital form. This technology enables seamless integration into medical documentation, increases efficiency, and contributes to improved patient care.

Professionelle Transkription
Human-made transcription in healthcare

Accurate documentation and expertise for medical records

In healthcare, accurate documentation is crucial. This is where professional transcription proves to be an invaluable asset. Trained transcriptionists with medical background knowledge accurately capture not only spoken words, but also medical terminology. This ensures an accurate and comprehensive record of conversations, examinations and patient data. The expertise of transcriptionists helps ensure that medical records are reliably captured and that the quality of medical care is enhanced.

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Upload your audio or video file on our user-friendly platform in just a few seconds

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Secure transcription solutions in healthcare

Trust precision and confidentiality with Amberscript

Converting medical recordings into written text not only saves valuable time, but also improves documentation accuracy. This is especially important in medical reports, findings, and patient protocols, as it makes information more accessible and searchable.

The future of healthcare

Transcription as an enabler for digitization and innovation

Digitization of medical information paves the way for seamless integration of AI and data analytics solutions, leading to better insights and more precise treatment plans. The time savings allow healthcare professionals to focus more on individualized patient care. At the same time, healthcare transcription opens the door to innovative research opportunities and more efficient management of medical data.


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