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Reliable & Precise Transcriptions for Qualitative Research: Companies and Individuals

Automated Efficiency versus Human Precision? Pick Best Transcription Solution for Your Research

  • Transcriptions up to %100 accuracy, delivering in-depth insights into your data
  • Human or automatic transcription options tailored to your preference
  • Secure data management in accordance with guidelines & with the highest level of data privacy
  • Fast turnaround times & export available in all file formats
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Transkription für qualitative Forschung
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Simple, Fast, Precise

Ideal transcription service for your research


Upload your file, have it automatically processed by our advanced AI or edited by our professional transcriptionists, and export it.


Our AI generates your transcript within minutes with up to 85% accuracy. Our experts deliver 100% error-free transcriptions within 24 hours.


Our transcription service adheres to highest standards and quality guidelines. Dedicate the saved time to your data analysis.

Automatic or Professional Transcription?
Automatic transcription of your research data is the perfect solution for your research.

Automatische Transkription
Accurate Transcription

Analyze your bulk data

Automated transcriptions come with various advantages when managing large volumes of audio data. This method allows for fast and budget-friendly transcription, which is especially valuable when facing constraints in terms of time and finances. They also serve well for an initial content screening to grasp the overall picture.

Professionelle Transkription
Better Understand Your Data

Human-Made Transcriptions by Experts for Qualitative Research

For qualitative research projects where accuracy and richness of detail are important, professionally crafted human transcriptions are essential. They provide precision and the ability to capture subtle nuances of spoken language. Particularly in complex or sensitive subjects where context and nonverbal communication matter, this option offers an invaluable advantage. This type of transcription often saves time and resources as it requires less post-processing, enabling deeper insights into qualitative analyses. Opting for professional transcription is the optimal choice when aiming to unlock the full potential of your audio data and gain precise insights.

Transcribing Interviews in 3 Simple Steps
Upload your audio or video file on our user-friendly platform in just a few seconds

Upload your audio or video file on our user-friendly platform in just a few seconds

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Upload your audio or video file on our user-friendly platform in just a few seconds

Export or share your transcript or subtitles by Amberscript

Upload your audio or video file on our user-friendly platform in just a few seconds

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You’re in safe hands

GDPR + ISO27001 & ISO9001 certified.

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Privacy, GDPR Compliance & Security

As Europe’s leading provider of transcriptions, we prioritize the safeguarding of your data. We routinely enter into Data Processing Agreements (DPAs) and Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) with our clients to ensure the highest data protection standards. Data is not stored outside of Western Europe, and you retain the ability to delete your data from our servers at any time. All our professional transcribers undergo specialized training to adhere to our confidentiality standards and have contractually committed to NDAs for confidentiality. Our transcribers never have direct access to your data. All transcription work is carried out securely on our transcription platform.

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Multi-user License for faculties and research groups

Do you frequently run research projects at your faculty or research group? Do you want to make use of Amberscript’s transcription editor with a group of reserachers, student assistants or co-workers?

With Amberscript’s multi-user license, you purchase transcription credit centrally and allocate it amongst your team.

Various universities use our multi-user license to save thousands of hours of manual labor by automating large parts of the transcription process.

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