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Become a transcriber, subtitler or translator

Do you have excellent language skills and great attention to detail?
Do you want to enjoy flexibility and work when you want, wherever you want? Do you have a laptop and a reliable internet connection? Then we have the perfect job for you! Sign up now and become an Amberscript transcriber, captioner or translator.

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Work wherever you want

This can be from home or any place you like in the world. As long as there is a reliable internet connection.

Have a flexible work schedule

You can decide which jobs you would like to take on. You are not obliged to transcribe a set amount of hours.

Pay-out every month

Receive monthly payouts for all work completed. Either via PayPal or a bank transfer.

Your tasks as a transcriber

  • Listen to audio
  • Revise the automatically generated text to make it perfect
  • Label speakers

Indicative payment rate: €0,45 – €1,20 per audio/video minute

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Your tasks as a captioner

  • Watch videos
  • Revise the automatically generated text to make it perfect
  • Format & synchronize text with audio

Indicative payment rate: €0,90 – € 1,90 per audio/video minute

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Your tasks as a translator

  • Watch captioned videos
  • Revise the machine-translated captions to make them perfect
  • Format & synchronize text with audio

Indicative payment rate: €3,50 – € 6,00 per audio/video minute

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Work as a Audio Description script writer, Dubbing script writer or as Dubbing / Voice-Over actor/artist

  • Write audio description scripts to make content accessible for the blind or visually impaired
  • Write and translate dubbing or voice-over scripts to transform text into speech
  • Record dubbing or voice-over audio tracks and mix it with the original audio

Indicative payment rate: €3,00 – € 16,00 per audio/video minute

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“Flexibility, a good team working at Amberscript. They are fast to respond and communicate with their transcribers. The software to work on is clear and effective and makes it easy to transcribe.”

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Become a transcriber, subtitler or translator

Amberscript has a selective network of language professionals dedicated to providing the highest accuracy manual caption, transcription, and translation services. Are you detailed-oriented? Do you have strong language skills and are you open to working remotely while strictly meeting deadlines? Then please send us your application.

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  • Are the working hours flexible?

    Yes, you can work whenever suits you best, as long as the assignment is submitted before the deadline.

  • Are there mandatory working hours and do I have to work a minimum amount of hours each month?

    No. You determine when you work and how often you work. However, keep in mind that when you accept a job, it needs to be submitted before the set deadline.

  • How do taxes work?

    If you have a valid European VAT-number you can charge us the appropriate percentage of VAT. If you do not have a VAT number, you cannot charge us VAT and you are responsible for paying the legally required taxes within your country. We therefore advise you to sign up at a local Payroller so that they will take care of your financial administration.

  • How does the payment work?

    You will be paid out every month either by bank transfer or PayPal. You can choose your preferred payout method. You will receive an invoice template from us, which you can use to create your invoices for us.

  • How will I receive jobs?

    We work with a transcriber platform where you see an overview of all jobs assigned or available to you. When we assign or invite you for a job, you will also be notified via email or slack (which is used to communicate with our transcriber base on a daily basis).

  • What does being a transcriber/captioner with Amberscript entail?

    As a transcriber/captioner with Amberscript, you can choose and claim jobs on our platform. The type, duration and deadline are known upfront, so you can decide if the job is a good fit for you and your personal schedule. You will work in our web-based editor to perfect the auto-generated text by our advanced speech-to-text engines. Each job you submit will be reviewed by a Quality Controller before it’s sent to a customer. In the event the job does not meet our requirements, you’ll receive feedback and are requested to re-do the job.

  • What does the application process look like, and when will I be approved to start working for Amberscript?

    At the moment, we receive a lot of applications. Therefore it can take a couple of weeks before we get back to you (waiting time also depends on your native language(s)). Once we reach out to you, you will be requested to do a test job based on the Amberscript guidelines. You will have 48 hours to take the test. If you pass; which we will let you know within a few days, you can start working immediately.

  • What is the deadline for accepted jobs?

    For most jobs, you will have 48 hours to complete after accepting a job on the platform.

“Flexible work structuring; reliable payments (freelancers are invoicing twice a month); uncomplicated and friendly communication with project managers.”

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