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Easy & accurate audio to text

  • Speed up your transcription process and save hours of valuable time & manual work
  • Make your videos accessible to a larger audience with our 100% accurate  subtitles and translated subtitles
  • The highest safety standards with your files securely stored in our cloud database
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Transcription & subtitling solutions

Convert speech to text as quickly and easily as never before. With the combination of AI and human intelligence, you save valuable time and resources and get your audio and video files transcribed or subtitled in no time.


Convert your audio and video files into text

amberscript transcription
  • Generate clean read or verbatim transcripts easily. Available in 39 languages
  • Review files quickly with time stamps accurate to the second
  • Edit, customize and share information in our highly secure cloud-based environment



Add captions and translated subtitles to your videos

Speech-to-text services
  • Make your content accessible and reach new audiences with captions and subtitles in 39 languages
  • Complete projects faster by having captions made with the help of AI
  • Get captions that are up to 100% accurate, including text placement and audio synchronization
Save valuable time

Converting speech to text has never been this simple. Upload now and save hours of time!

Unparalleled Quality

Transcribe audio to text without errors and receive a perfect export.

Safety Guaranteed

Your audio files are confidentially stored in a secure environment.

What are subtitles?

Subtitles represent a text derived from either a transcript or screenplay of the dialog or commentary in films, television programs, video games and are usually displayed at the bottom of the screen. Oftentimes, translated subtitles are used when the original audio is in a different language than the viewer’s mother tongue.

Machine-Made Captions

Artificial intelligence (AI) creates a draft of your captions in the audios language.

  • Create captions in minutes
  • Cost-effective solution for small projects
  • Seamless online editor to edit your captions

Human-Made Captions

Our team of professionals creates up to 100% accurate captions, so you can focus on other projects.

  • Reliable captions that you can trust
  • Effortless, we handle the whole process from A to Z
  • Fast delivery of your files

Translated Subtitles

Our team of native speakers translate your audio so you can scale your content for a global audience.

  • Accurate text translated by native speakers
  • Straightforward process, upload your files and we handle the rest
  • Accelerate the turnaround with rush orders and get files back in 24h
Up to
Starting at
$ 1.60
per minute
As fast as
5 days

Advantages of subtitles

Increased awareness

With subtitles, viewers can hear, see & read what is happening on screen.

deaf and hard of hearing
Accessible for truly everyone

Mumbles & accents that are otherwise difficult to understand are easier to interpret with subtitles.

Improve your SEO

Subtitles facilitate your SEO efforts as they contain many of the keywords relevant to your content.

icon wihout sound
Involving users without sound

People who are in a noisy place can still follow the video successfully.

new lanaguge
Learning new languages

Subtitles help people who do not speak the language to learn this new language.

Translation icon
Overcoming language barriers

Subtitles & translated subtitles make it easier for non-native speakers to understand your content.

How to create subtitles

Amberscript transcribing video to text upload

1. Upload your video files

Quickly upload it to the Amberscript platform. This can be done by drag and drop, via a link or by manually uploading it from your desktop. Once the video is uploaded, you should select the language that your video’s audio is in and choose the automatic service option that is presented to you. Continue the process and our AI will create a first draft of the subtitles within minutes. Lean back and wait!

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Editor your subtitles yourself in our intuitive editor

2. Edit the text yourself

Any adaptations to the text you want to make to the generated subtitles can easily be completed in the integrated online text editor. First, you will have the chance to edit the AI generated transcript, then align and format the subtitles in the editor. Get familiar with the online editor by following the instructions in the demo video. With the key combinations that can be recalled in the bottom left corner, your editing process can be eased and sped up.

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Woman in sitting in front of the computer with Amberscript logo attached to the back of the display
Perfect subtitles owing to AI & human intelligence

Or let our language experts take over the entire process

Our language experts are native speakers and create the highest accuracy texts for captions,  subtitles, and translated subtitles. After you have uploaded your video, our subtitlers take over the process and create your subtitles in 3-5 working days. Fast delivery is available upon request.

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Amberscript transcribe MP3 to text, exporting the file screen shot via the transcription tool
Download your Subtitles

3. Export your audio/video file to your favourite text format

When the editing process is finished, you can download your subtitle file. This is a simple process and only takes a few seconds. Make sure to inform yourself about what file format is most suitable for the specific case that your subtitles are used for. The go-to file format for subtitles is the SRT-format. However, other common formats are also available to you (such as VTT and EBU-STL) choose the format and download it to your laptop or computer so you can access it later.

Industries we serve

Subtitles for everyone’s needs

Subtitles for higher education

Subtitles can be an extremely beneficial tool for universities and higher education institutions. Speech-to-text can make educational lectures, seminars, and other classroom content accessible to a wide range of audiences. With subtitles, students with hearing impairments or language barriers can better understand course material. We work with universities to create accurate speech-to-text in over 15 languages.

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Subtitles for media

Subtitles are an integral part of the media and entertainment experience. Subtitles help make content accessible to those who are deaf or hard of hearing, they improve comprehension among non-native speakers or those with auditory processing issues & they allow viewers to understand and follow dialogue noisy environments. Our speech-to-text technology helps you reach a wider audience, reduce editing times, and create a simpler workflow for your team.

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Subtitles for government

Amberscript’s subtitles, captions and transated subtitles are a powerful tool for municipalities to use during hearings and other proceedings. Speech-to-text allows the content of meetings to be accessible to all people who may not understand spoken language, such as those with hearing impairments or language barriers. Subtitles provide an easy way for citizens and interested parties to follow along with what is happening. 

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Supported subtitle formats

  • SRT

    SubRip text (SRT format) is the most common subtitle format. This file consists of a timecode/timestamp (when your subtitles should appear and disappear on your screen), the subtitle text, and a number that shows the order of the displayed subtitles.


    European Broadcasting Union (EBU-STL format) is mainly used in television and broadcasting media. These types of subtitles are stored and transmitted through sequential numbers and are assigned to a specific page, unlike the other two formats. Moreover, it isn’t possible to edit the subtitle format.

  • VTT

    Video Text Tracking (VTT format) uses HTML5 codes and is designed for the web. While SRT supports basic formatting options (bold, italic and underlined text), VTT is more advanced (supports different fonts, colours and text placements). Finally, VTT doesn’t need caption numbers in order to understand the order of the displayed subtitles.

  • Netflix/BBC quality subtitles

    Netflix and BBC have slightly different standards when it comes to subtitles in their content compared to other streaming services and broadcasters. For example, they recommend inserting line breaks in order for them to seem natural, to get the reading flow as simple as possible.

API Integration and costs

We deliver the most accurate solution.

You can easily automate workflows and transcribe large quantities of audio and video by using our speech-to-text API. Our API is quite simple. It transfers audio or video files to our ASR server and returns the transcript in the desired format. 

The prices for our automatic speech-recognition API are up to 10x lower than when uploading your audio and video. Our team will contact you to explain our pricing structure. Testing our API is for free.

See API docs
How it works

API Integration

Our API is available in more than 80 languages. We support dual-channel audio, automatic punctuation and casing, speaker labels, timestamps, and all audio/video file formats.

Please contact us for our specialized APIs for phone calls, texts perfected by humans, and real-time audio or video.

See API docs
Get a customized offer

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What is transcription?

Transcription is the conversion of an audio or video into a written text. It usually involves conversations, interviews or written documents. Trying to remember everything that is said in a conversation is often inaccurate. Transcribing spoken statements into written form removes the transience of oral communication.

Machine-Made Transcription

Artificial intelligence (AI) creates a draft of your transcript in the audio’s language.

Amberscript automatic transcription
  • Complete audio transcription in minutes
  • Cost-effective solution for small projects
  • Seamless online editor to edit your transcripts
Up to
Starting at
$ 0.17
per minute
As fast as
5 minutes

Human-Made Transcription

Our team of professionals creates up to 100% accurate transcripts, so you can focus on other projects.

Amberscript Manual Transcription
  • Reliable text that you can trust
  • Effortless, we handle the whole process form A to Z
  • Fast delivery regardless of your content volume
Up to
Starting at
$ 1.60
per minute
As fast as

Advantages of transcription

Click icon
Easy to use

Search your text with ease and find relevant passages and quotations.


Use the text to rank better in search engines with your content.

Edit your texts

Once an audio file has been recorded, you can no longer change this recording. Texts, on the other hand, you can adjust at any time.


Transcripts are essential for qualitative research projects.

Translation icon

Use your transcript as the basis for a translation.

Fast delivery

It is much easier and faster to work with texts than with audio files.

Get easy and fast audio to text transcription

Easily convert your audio file to text for free with Amberscript. Our intuitive automatic speech recognition (ASR) technology converts audio into text with high accuracy and speed.

Edit the transcripts by yourself in our online editor, or order Human made services, where our professionals will do the check.

Our service is truly an audio transcription center, where the process of converting audio to text takes up to 10x faster.

How to create transcripts

Amberscript transcribing video to text upload

1. Upload your audio files

Amberscript can transcribe your audio into text. Create a free account and easily upload your audio file to Amberscript. Choose the language of the audio file that you want to transcribe and the number of speakers present. Our automatic speech recognition software recognises audio in 39 languages and supports multiple file formats such as MP3, AAC, WAV.

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Editor your transcribed audio in our intuitive Editor

2. Edit the text yourself

The automatic speech recognition (ASR) software listens to the audio and converts it into text. You can then optimise the text yourself using our intuitive online editor. You can:

  • Mark important passages
  • Rename speakers
  • Adjust timestamps

With ASR, you save up to 80% of the time you would normally spend listening to the audio file and typing the text. Don’t want to do it yourself? Order a 100% perfect transcript by our transcribers.

Start now
Amberscript transcribe MP3 to text, exporting the file screen shot via the transcription tool
Download your Transcription

3. Export your audio/video file to your favourite text format

Once the transcription and edits are complete, you can export and download your audio to text file in the following formats:

  • .docx – Microsoft Word file format
  • .json – JavaScript Object Notation
  • .srt – SubRip Subtitle file
  • .vtt – Web Video Text Tracks
  • EBU-STL – European Broadcast Union subtitles
  • .txt – Plain text file 
Industries we serve

Audio-to-text transcription for everyone’s needs

Transcription for students

Whether for lectures, seminars, interviews or theses – benefit from transcriptions and make your university life easier! Need to write a thesis or any other kind of qualitative research? Amberscript’s automatic transcription software is perfect for high-quality transcription of your interviews.

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Transcription for businesses

Work with us to empower your organization with the best subtitling, transcription and speech-to-text services. With Amberscript’s transcriptions and subtitles, you will boost the productivity of your team. We offer competitive pricing with fast delivery times and volume discounts for bigger projects.

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Transcription for healthcare

Did you know that healthcare professionals can spend more than 50% of their time on paperwork alone, taking away valuable time that could be spent on patients? Amberscript will help to save time and money by transcribing patient statments after recording your own notes.

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Transcription for attorneys

By using transcription software, you as a law firm or legal department can reduce your transcription time, lower your costs and save repetitive steps. Our professional services can help you have dictations transcribed externally.

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Transcription for creators

Whether you’re a podcaster, journalist or producer, Amberscript makes it easy to convert audio to text. This makes it faster and easier to analyse your content, reuse it in articles or make your content accessible to an even larger audience!

Learn more

Supported file formats

  • AAC

    Advanced Audio Coding is a lossy digital audio compression format. Originally was supposed to replace the MP3 format, as it offers higher sound quality at the same bit rate. Read more on how to convert AAC to text.

  • DSS

    Digital Speech Standard developed in 1994 to store voice audio data in a highly compressed format. Used primarily for digital dictation recorders, thanks to basic recording functionality and the ability to enter into overwrite mode.

  • FLAC

    Free Lossless Audio Codec is a lossless compression format of digital audio. Files compressed using this format can be reduced by 50 to 70 percent of their original size and contain an identical copy of the original audio data. More about converting FLAC to text here.

  • M4A

    It’s a MPEG-4 audio file encoded with AAC or ALAC (Apple Lossless Audio Codec). Most commonly used for audio content like songs, podcasts, or audiobooks. Convert the M4A file to text.

  • MP3

    MPEG-1/2 Audio Layer III is one of the most popular coding formats for digital audio. Uses lossy data compression. This allows a significant reduction of file size compared to the source audio. More information about converting MP3 to text is here.

  • WAV

    Waveform Audio File Format was developed by IBM and Microsoft and originally was used on Microsoft Windows systems for storing raw and uncompressed audio. Convert your WAV to text.

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Converting audio or video with ease

Read more about how to convert audio or video file to text

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