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Convert speech to text

  • Automatic speech recognition saves hours of transcription time
  • Lowest prices and fastest turnaround by using AI
  • Upload, search, edit, and export with ease

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5x average time saving by using AI


Enabling an accurate flow of audio-to-data, adjustable in our easy to use online text editor


GDPR compliant security and safety

Amberscript online editor with video view
How it works

Upload your video or audio files

Create a free account and upload your audio or video file to our platform. Choose the language and the number of speakers.


Our software recognizes speech in 39 languages.

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Speech to text conversion

Edit the text yourself or order our manual services

In our app, you can edit the text, highlight the most important parts, rename your speakers and adjust the timestamps.

This is 5-10 times faster than listening to the audio and typing the text yourself.

If you have a high volume of audio or simply do not have time to review the text yourself, order the manual services and receive your files ready in a few days. Rush order and translated subtitles are also possible.

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Export your files

Once the transcription and edits are complete, you can export your files into text or subtitle formats.


Our platform offers the option to export your speech-to-text transcript into text, SRT, VTT, and plenty more file formats.

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Volume discounts and multi-user accounts

Amberscript for business

For business inquiries, please contact us.

Speech to text API

Integrate speech recognition capabilities into your software by using our API

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