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31 May 2023

Transcription in broadcast journalism: uses and importance

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Automatic transcription

The role of broadcast journalism in society today goes beyond getting the right information. The need to get the information across to the general public is equally important. It could mean life for some. Since journalism is associated with ‘truth,’ it is necessary for broadcast journalism to get information across to the audience without misinterpretation or misunderstanding. It is also vital that the news or the information is made accessible to as many people as possible. Transcription is one way to achieve all of this without problems. This begs the following questions. What is the use of transcription services in broadcast journalism? What important role do subtitles play in broadcast media? This article will focus on these questions. It will also elaborate on the importance of transcription services in the media industry in general. Let’s start with transcription in media.

What is transcription in media?

Broadcast television journalist with cameraman interviewing a man

Transcription in media is the conversion of audio and video content in the media industry to text for analyzing and editing. Transcription services play a major role in the media industry. Its importance continues to be appreciated by all involved. Also,  the media world continues to expand and the competition grows every day. This expansion, coupled with some media and broadcasting regulations rules and directives is why transcription is important in successful broadcast media.

Several media programs – both audio and video – are produced with a script and are pre-recorded. It is easier to analyze these programs before recording. However, many other programs are also pre-recorded but without a script. It could be a show, or a documentary, or any other interesting program.  There is a need to analyze every part of these programs to ensure that they do not violate any broadcasting regulation. In this situation, transcription comes in handy. How? To analyze the video, an editor might need to watch and rewatch it several times. This is stressful and time-demanding. A transcription provides a detailed text of what has been recorded, making it easier to analyze. This is the major role of transcription in broadcast media.

What is transcription in journalism?

Journalism today requires resilience and expertise. Journalists have to do all they can within the frame of the law to get the right information at the right time. Research has also shown that many do not feel comfortable talking to a journalist at the sight of pen and paper. What’s more? Using pen and paper to note down points from the field is slow and stressful. Journalists now use recorders, other audio devices, and video devices to get information during interviews, research, and many others. The conversion of these audio recordings and video recordings to reports for broadcast journalism requires transcription. Transcription in broadcast journalism helps journalists to convert to reports that are read to the general public. Simply transcribing the recordings is not enough, it has to be efficient. The use of transcription services in broadcast journalism is important for the following reasons.

Inaccurate Reporting

One of the many interesting features of language is seen in the use of words. The context or idea of a sentence can be altered simply by omitting or adding a single word. The entire information and the reporting become inaccurate. The journalist loses reputation because of an inaccurate report due to bad transcription.

Libel Cases

Accurate transcription helps to prevent cases of libel. One can sue a journalist if what is said is different from what was reported. Without transcription, it is hard to report people’s comments without mixing words. Cases of libels could cost as much as million in dollars and they also affect the credibility of the journalist. It is another reason why the use of transcription services in broadcast journalism is very important.

Transcription services for broadcast media

Female journalist working in front of the laptop with portable drive connected through USB port

Broadcast media can make use of various transcription services to promote their content and broadcast to a wider audience. Here are some reasons why transcription services for broadcast media are quite important.

SEO features

The use of internet search engines is one reason why transcription for broadcast media is important. People today have to shuffle through hundreds of TV channels and thousands of programs to find their favorite. With transcription, one can easily use keywords to find their preferred program. Transcribed text increases the SEO features of a program, giving it a wider platform and audience.

Varieties in information format

The viewers and audience have unique ways of digesting the information being shared through broadcast media. Research has shown that some love to read through the programs instead of watching, as they can absorb the information faster this way. Transcription in broadcast media makes it possible for them to have access to a text version of the program.

The importance of transcription in broadcast media continues to grow. It is an interesting fact to note. Transcription services have continued to play a major role in various sections of the information world.

Subtitles for broadcast media

Subtitles for broadcast media are more than just transcription. It takes a step further. The transcribed text is embedded in the video and made available on-screen to make it available for viewers. Based on requirements by the various broadcasting commissions, the use of subtitles or captions is important in broadcast media. This is especially true for some programs such as live news, and important announcements. The Federal Communication Commission has directed that all broadcast media should include subtitles and captions to their programs. But what is the use of subtitles in broadcast media?

Here are some reasons why the need for subtitles is paramount.

Hard of Hearing or Deaf audience

Subtitles reveal what is being said and make it available to those who have hearing issues. The subtitle text is added on a part of the screen that makes it easier for viewers to read the text and watch the actions conveniently. This helps them to get the needed information or expected entertainment from the program. The audience also appreciates the fact that they are considered in the scheme of things. This would greatly boost the ratings and reputation of this broadcast channel.

Accents or fast talkers

Two women during an interview sitting in front of the microphones.

Even those who do not have a hearing impairment can sometimes have a hard time hearing a program. This happens when the presenter or the guest on the program has a thick and unusual accent or perhaps a fast talker. Subtitles or captions would ease things up for the listeners.


Words that sound alike might give room for confusion. The audience perceives something entirely different from what is being said. The use of subtitles helps to remove that confusion.

These are some of the reasons why the use of subtitles in broadcast media is very important. However, there are technicalities involved in both transcription and subtitles. If a broadcast media wants to do it right, the need to use an efficient transcription service is more than important.

This is where we at Amberscript come into the discussion. Here is a little insight on services.


Amberscript speech-to-text online editor view

Amberscript is a transcription service provider that gives its client and users quality transcription with the highest accuracy. We aim to bridge the gap that exists in communication as a result of dynamics in language making it easier for you to pass your information across without the fear of misinterpretation. Our goal is to make language and communication more effective using science and technology.

Transform your audio and

video to text and subtitles

  • High accurate, on demand service
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Why Us?

Advanced Technology and Experts

We make use of AI speech recognition software that helps to generate texts from audio and video content with the highest accuracy. We also have seasoned experts that ensure that the transcription is in order. The use of AI technology and our experts guarantees the best services.


Broadcast media understands the need to secure information and avoid leakage until the news is officially broken. Therefore, there is a need for security during transcription. This is exactly what we offer our clients. Our server is built on a secure network. What’s more? Every step of transcription is handled by a professional. Your security is assured when you use Amberscript.

Fast Delivery

The broadcast media world is a fast one and there is a need for a constant flow of information. This also means there is a need for transcription that can offer the best services in the shortest time possible. Our next-generation system only needs a few minutes to provide the most accurate transcription.

Multiple Formats

We accept and work with multiple formats including MP3, MP4, AVI, MOV, and many others for both audio and video. We also provide the transcription and subtitles in various formats of your choosing.

Our services

We offer the best in any of the following.

Journalism is not complete and efficient if the information is not passed across efficiently. This is why broadcast journalism has to use all the means necessary to pass the information across to others. The use of transcription in broadcast journalism helps to solve the issues that arise from communication. Make use of our services to enjoy the best bit of broadcast media.

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