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31 Mar 2020   Last updated 9 July 2021

How to Record a Phone Call in 3 Easy Steps

Grabar una llamada telefónica
Automatic transcription

In many cases, it may be useful to know how to record a phone call. If you are working from home for example, and you have an important call with your boss, or maybe you are receiving medical results from your general practitioner over the phone.

How to record a phone call in 3 easy steps

At times, it could be that you do not remember all of the information shared in this call, in which case it could be handy to have the ability to listen back.

Here is an easy and quick guide on how to record your phone calls, suitable for both iOS and Android devices:

Step 1: Download a call recorder app

Unfortunately, neither iOS nor Android has a built-in function to record phone calls. So, we have made a quick overview of some of the best paid and unpaid phone call recorder apps for both systems:

Android (Unpaid) iOS (Unpaid)
Call RecorderCall Recorder Unlimited
Automatic Call RecorderCall Recorder RecMe
Call Recorder S9 ProCall Recorder for Me
Call Recorder – CallxCall Recorder plus ACR
Call Recorder Automatic HDCall Recorder ACR+
Android (Paid)iOS (Paid)
Call Recorder ProTapeACall Pro: Call Recorder
Voice Recorder ProCall Recorder plus ACR Pro
Smart Call Recorder Premium

Important to note: most free apps work as well as paid apps. The general difference is that free apps have a time limit per call of about 1 hour. Furthermore, most free apps offer the option to upgrade to a paid version of the app, which will allow for longer call recording.

We believe that Automatic Call Recorder for Android, and TapeACall Pro for Android and IOS are the best two applications to record a phone call.

Step 2: Use the app to make the call

Most of the apps mentioned above will require you to dial the number within the app, it will then automatically record the phone call. Naturally, we understand that this doesn’t work for all situations. The most obvious: an incoming phone call.

In this case, the paid versions of the apps are recommended, as they allow you to transfer the call into the app. Simply answer the call, return to the home screen and open the call recorder app, tap the incoming call button on the dialing screen and tap the option “merge calls”.

How to Record a Phone Call

Step 3: Transcribe your phone call

At Amberscript we build software that enables users to automatically transcribe audio and video files to text files. You can use our software to upload your recorded phone calls in order to transform them into text. This way you can easily share the information and read it back over if needed.

So, head on over to our online tool and get your first 10 minutes of audio/video content transcribed for free!

Our services allow you to create text and subtitles from audio or video.
  • Upload audio or video file
  • Automatic or manual speech to text
  • Edit and export text or subtitles