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Convert WMA to Text

Amberscript uses automatic speech recognition (ASR) to quickly convert your WMA file to Text

Transcribe your audio to text in minutes with the help of Amberscript’s AI

Convert WMA to Text
Convert WMA to Text

1. Upload

Upload your WMA file. Set the language in the audio and the number of speakers. We use AI to transcribe your file in just a couple of minutes.

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2. Receive & edit your transcript

Automatic audio to text conversion will not take long. After receiving the transcript you can still check and edit it with our user-friendly editor. If you want it to be revised by human transcribers, please use our Manual Transcription Service.

File export

3. Export

Quickly export your transcript in one of the following formats:

  • Word
  • JSON
  • SRT
  • VTT
  • Text

Advantages of transcribing audio

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Easily search through your text and find relevant parts


Use your text to optimize your content for better search ranking


Once audio is recorded – you can’t adjust what was said. With text that’s not the issue


Having a transcript is necessary to perform qualitative research

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Translation of your document becomes so much easier with text


Working with text is much quicker and easier, than with audio.