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4 Apr 2022

Audio & Video Content:  Data best practices checklist

When coordinating transcription or subtitling services, it’s crucial that the audio and video files you share and the transcripts that are made are in safe hands. Here’s a checklist of what to take into account when planning that 3rd parties support you with transcription and captioning services.

How to keep audio and video data safe: 

Awareness: Analyze your content and think carefully about which media files contain sensitive information before sharing them with third parties.

Content with sensitive information needs to be treated accordingly:

✔️ Do require your partners to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement  (NDA) for an additional layer of protection.

✔️ Limit the information you collect of people being recorded. E.g. if the content displays their name, an address or any information that can be led back to the participant. Even better try to obscure it completely. 

 ✔️ Do always get consent if you do need to share any personal information.

✔️ Don’t save your file name as the name of the person that’s starting in the video E.g Phoebe Smith 121022.mp4

✔️ Don’t share files directly with service providers that download your files to their local computers. Before you know it, there are copies of your sensitive data on all sorts of computers, local networks and insecure environments. 

 ✔️ Do share your files through cloud based apps so you keep full control.

 ✔️ Do cover your bases and make sure that all information you keep is GDPR compliant – so keeping a record of the data of clients or those you work with.

 ✔️ Do consider working with a GDPR consultant. Regulations are complex so it’s good to have all your bases covered. 

 ✔️ Do let people know if you think that you’ve shared information without their consent or if someone else may have gotten hold of it.

How Amberscript keeps data safe:

✔️ All professional captioners sign an NDA before each project. We’ll also sign one from you.

✔️ At Amberscript, users upload their data into a highly secured data environment (ISO 27001 certified).

✔️ Professional Captioners can’t access a file after project completion.

✔️ Cloud-based editor and platform means only you can access files.

✔️ Your files never leave the highly secured environment

✔️ Data security training for everyone at Amberscript, including our professional captioners and transcribers.

✔️ Data centers based in Germany

Our services allow you to create text and subtitles from audio or video.
  • Upload audio or video file
  • Automatic or manual speech to text
  • Edit and export text or subtitles