The 2 best apps to record a phone call for Android and iOS

Thijs Donders, 26th July 2018

In this blog post we’ll talk about what we consider to be the 2 best apps to record a phone call for Android and iOS.

The difficulties of recording a phone call

A lot of interviews are conducted through phone these days. Possibly you want to playback your interview in the future or automatically transcribe it. To do these things you will have to record your interview. But when you wanted to record your interview, you ran into a problem: the only recording device you own is your phone, which you need to make the phone call.

Perhaps you have tried recording the interview with a 2nd phone or microphone, maybe you thought of other creative solutions to solve this problem. Unfortunately, the audio on most of these solutions is quite bad, this makes it really hard for our software to automatically transcribe your interview.

Luckily there is a solution. It is possible to record the interview with the same phone you are using for the interview, and with good quality. Here’s our take on the 2 best apps to record a phone call for Android and iOS.

TIP: if you want the best results for our speech to text software, it is advised to keep the microphone close to your mouth. Ask your interviewee to do the same. Putting the phone on speaker mode and laying it down on the table will negatively affect the audio quality.

The 2 Best Apps to Record a Phone Call

Down below we will mention our favorite apps, which can be used for recording phone calls. Both apps are available for Android users and one of the apps is available for IOS users. With these recordings, our speech to text software will be able to transcribe your audio files. You can, for example, create an interview transcript.

  1. Automatic Call Recorder for Android
  2. TapeACall Pro for Android and IOS
The 2 best apps to record a phone call

The best Android call recorder for speech to text

The Automatic Call Recorder app is completely free and extremely easy to use. After installing the app it will automatically record all incoming and outgoing phone calls. Your interviewee will not be able to notice this, therefore it is good courtesy to ask for permission beforehand.

You do not have to be afraid that the storage of your phone will completely fill up with audio files. There are two tabs in the app: Inbox and Saved. All recorded calls will automatically be saved in Inbox.

Recordings in Inbox will automatically be removed as time passes, making room for new recordings. If there is a recording you want to keep, you can tap on it and choose the option ‘Save’. The recording has now moved to the Saved tab. The recording will stay here until you decide to remove it. These recordings can be transcribed by our speech to text software.

Do you prefer not to record all conversations? In the app, it is possible to select which contacts should and should not be recorded. With the free version you have room to store 300 conversations. In our experience, this is more than enough. If you need more than 300 conversations, a pro version is also available. With the pro version (€5,99) you have the possibility to save up to 1000 conversations.

The best IOS call recorder for speech to text

TapeACall Pro is an app that can be used on IOS and Android. Unfortunately, the app is not free like Automatic Call Recorder.

The app also not as easy to use as Automatic Call Recorder. The app does offer unlimited recording, back up in the cloud, and instant sharing options. The app costs $24,99 per year.

To start recording a call you have to open the app and tap the big red record button in the app. After you tap the button a conference call will start between you and a line from TapeACall Pro. Now you can add someone to the call and your conversation will be recorded. In your phone, a contact will appear named TapeACall.

If you get called you can record the conversation by adding the TapeACall contact to the call. The conversation will be recorded from the moment the contact is added to the call. By using this app you can transcribe phone calls to text.

Which app is the best choice for Amberscript software

The Automatic Call Recorder is our favorite voice recording app. Automatic Call Recorder is free and easier to use. Unfortunately, this app is only available on Android, luckily TapeACall Pro offers a good alternative for people with IOS. Both apps do equally well for speech to text purposes.

“So now you know how to record phone calls, but is it actually legal to do so? Well, this is a bit complicated because the laws about recording phone calls differ from state to state. There are two categories concerning telephone recording laws:

– Two-party notification
– One-party notification”

Two party notification means that both parties participating in the phone call have to give consent about the call being recorded. One party notification means that only one party being recorded has to give consent. If you call from a state where only one party consent is required to a state where two-party consent is required the two-party law takes precedence.

“Here is a list of states with two party consent laws, all other states have one party consent laws:

New Hampshire

When you want to publish a transcribed phone call to text other laws may apply. The same goes for publishing the audio file on itself.

If you download one of these two apps you can instantly begin recording your phone calls and then listen to them back and have them transcribed from audio to text with our transcription software.

Do you want to increase your audio quality? Read our blogpost on how to improve your audio quality and optimise the transcription of speech to text.

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