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5 Jul 2021   Last updated 14 July 2021

Meet our transcribers: Lukas

Freelance transcriber working remotely for Amberscript
Manual transcription

Amberscript uses AI to automatically transcribe audio and video files, but we are especially proud of our pool of more than 500 transcribers and subtitlers who provide manual services. Transcribers and subtitlers make sure that AI-generated text is near perfect! Today we are sharing one of our transcribers, Lukas’s story.

Tell us a bit about yourself and your background.

My background is mostly related to teaching and transcribing. Before joining Amberscript, I used to transcribe TV programs when I was still a student at university. After my studies, I got a job as a teacher in Austria, but next to that I was transcribing dissertations.

Currently, I live in Cambodia, where I am a teacher of English grammar, math, biology, and other subjects. Next to that, I am also a transcriber at Amberscript.

Sunset with a laptop in front, with transcriber tasks to be done.
Lukas’ working spot

What made you start working with Amberscript?

I applied not only because I already had some transcribing experience, but also because Amberscipt is at the forefront of technology. Amberscript develops the tech of the future and I wanted to be a part of it.

What does a typical working day look like for you?

I combine working at Amberscript together with my teacher’s job in Cambodia. Usually, I transcribe for a few hours in the morning, then I teach at school in the daytime, and in the evening I transcribe for a few hours again. I always choose how many hours I want to work – on the weekends I work longer hours, but when there’s an exam season at school, I work less. I also work from various different places – sometimes at home or a cafe and sometimes by the river close to my home. There is no fixed transcribing schedule as I always choose how much I want to work that day.

Did you face any challenges when you started working as a transcriber?

In the beginning, it was challenging to work with verbatim transcriptions, as you have to capture every background noise and write it down. However, I could always choose which transcriptions I want to do. I specifically chose verbatim transcriptions as I wanted to get used to them and challenge myself. Now, I even prefer doing verbatim transcriptions as I write everything I hear and I do not have to correct any mistakes that are made by speakers.

Could you tell us more about what it is like to be a transcriber at Amberscript?

What I really like is that I transcribe audio or video files on a variety of topics. Sometimes I also transcribe an audio file about a topic that is unfamiliar to me or I choose to transcribe audio that has a distinct dialect (e.g. Austrian dialect). This makes the job even more interesting and I also feel that I am learning a lot whilst transcribing.

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