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6 minute read
24 May 2023

Amberscript vs. Scribie

Automatic subtitles
Automatic transcription
Manual subtitles
Manual transcription

Technology is advancing, and audio and video content is taking over the internet space by storm. With this advancement, speech-to-text service providers simplify content creation by automatically converting spoken words to texts. As a content creator, you probably know that identifying the best transcription service can be daunting. This is because there are plenty of options, and you must conduct thorough testing and comparisons to find the best. 

Below, we compare Amberscript vs Scribie so you can easily make the best choice. Our comparison of these two service providers is based on security, fees, accuracy, user experience, speed, etc. 

Language support3935
Free trialYesno
Online editorYesYes
Export as SRT/VTT/EBU-STLYesNo
Manual ServicesYesYes
Pricefrom $ 0.17 / minute ^from $ 0.10 / minute
SecurityGDPR + ISO27001 & ISO9001 certified N/A
Automatic Delivery time5 minutes60 minutes
Manual Delivery time3 business days. Rush orders within 24 hours5 business days
Automatic AccuracyUp to 85%Up to 80%
Manual Accuracy100%99%

Automatic Transcription

Transform your audio and
video to text and subtitles

  • High accurate, on demand service
  • Competitive pricing with the fastest turnaround using AI
  • Upload, search edit and export subtitles with ease.

Transcription software automatically converts video and audio content into text. Using software saves time, allowing you to focus on creating more content. In addition, you are guaranteed increased accuracy, thus making your audience enjoy your content. Let’s see below how Ambersript and Scribie vary when it comes to automatic transcription. 

Amberscript vs Scribie

Amberscript is AI-powered, one of the transcription software with the fastest turnaround. The software automatically converts your audio and video content into text. It allows you to export and edit your texts if need be. Prominent companies, including Netflix, Microsoft, Amazon, Puma, etc., are currently using Amberscript. 

Amberscript transcription software is 5x faster than human effort due to its AI feature. It is also accurate when converting content to data and has a multiple-user account for large businesses. Regarding security, Amberscript complies with the GDPR’s stringent regulations and is ISO certified. The software is available in over 39 languages, including English, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, French, etc. 

In contrast, Scribie is also AI-powered. Companies like Netflix, Airbnb, and Google use it to automatically convert audio and video files into texts. You will incur $0.10 per minute, and the software has over 30 hours of turnaround time to receive a finished document. This makes Amberscript a better option since it delivers results in less than an hour, depending on a file’s size. 

Scribie guarantees 70% accuracy, making it reliable. Moreover, the software allows you to edit and export your files in various formats. Scribie is affordable and reliable, but we wouldn’t recommend it if you need to convert your files fast. 

Manual Transcription

Although technology has brought about automated transcription services, you still need manual transcription. Unfortunately, manual transcription is time-consuming, and you get to spend a lot of money hiring transcribing professionals. If you prefer manually produced transcripts, Amberscript and Scribie both support this service. However, they vary in various elements. 

Amberscript vs Scribie

Amberscript has a team of professionals dedicated to converting your video and audio content into high-quality texts. With its transcribers, you get high-quality translated texts at competitive pricing and a fast turnaround time. The team combine their extensive experience with automated transcription tools to guarantee 100% accuracy and quality texts. 

Note that Amberscript’s manual transcription is secure. Besides complying with GDPR’s regulations and holding ISO certifications, it keeps your content private through a non-disclosure agreement. The service is also available in over 15 languages, including English, Swedish, Portuguese, French, Dutch, etc. Amberscript manual transcription pricing plan varies with the service you are looking for but starts as low as $1 per minute. 

When it comes to Scribie’s manual transcription, it also guarantees 99% accuracy and a fast turnaround time. This software has a team of transcribers with extensive knowledge from various fields. Furthermore, Scribie has accent experts for non-native accents, including African, Indian, etc. And, if the results are unsatisfactory, Scribie will review your texts and make the necessary changes free of charge. 

Unlike Amberscript, which charges manual transcription fees starting from $1 per minute, Scribie’s minimum charge is $0.8 per minute. The software is highly encrypted and has its transcribers working under NDAs for maximum confidentiality. Sadly, Scribie is only available in English, making Amberscript excel for users looking to convert their audio and video files to other language texts. 

Automatic subtitles

Transcription software or tools generate automatic subtitles to ensure native viewers understand video content. Also, individuals with hearing impairment will enjoy your content, especially if your videos contain non-verbal cues and sound effects. Here is our comparison on Amberscript vs Scribie regarding Automatic subtitles. 

Ambersript vs Scribie

Amberscript automatically generates subtitles in video content and provides an intuitive editor to ensure you get the best quality. Once done editing, you can export your video with subtitles or subtitles only in any of the supported formats, including Text, VTT, SRT, or EBU-STL. 

Amberscript automated subtitles generator is user-friendly and features auto-captioning. The system is AI-powered, thus guaranteeing high accuracy and efficiency rates. You can generate video subtitles in 39+ languages using Amberscript, making it an excellent option if you have a diverse audience. You can either subscribe for a $25/month price plan or opt for the prepaid plan that requires you to pay $8 per hour of video uploaded. 

Conversely, Scribie generates video subtitles and only allows you to export them in VTT and SRT formats. Its charge for subtitle generation is $15 per hour of video uploaded, and subtitles are available in English formats only. Amberscript takes the lead in this category since it is more affordable. It has an over 85% accuracy rate and offers services in over 39 languages. 

Manual Subtitles

Generating manual subtitles using subtitlers can be time-consuming, but the results are rewarding. So, what differentiates Amberscript’s manual subtitles services from Scribie’s? Let’s find out. 

Ambersript vs Scribie

Amberscript has professional subtitlers with vast experience providing high-quality subtitles for your video content. The subtitles undergo quality checks to ensure everything is to your satisfaction. Most importantly, the subtitlers speak over 15 languages, thus creating captions suitable for your preferred audience. Amberscript also features multiple export and import options in Text, VTT, SRT, or EBU-STL formats. Its accuracy rate is 99%, and the pricing plan varies starting from $1 per minute. 

Regarding Scribie, you can generate video subtitles through subtitlers and have them exported in VTT and SRT formats only. Its subtitlers consist of accent speakers but do not covert your content to other languages besides English. Scribie’s price plan for manual subtitle generation is $15 per hour of video uploaded, thus making it more affordable than Amberscript in this category. However, suppose you want to convert your content into different language text and export it in multiple formats. In that case, Amberscript is the go-to transcribing software. 

Translated subtitles

As a content creator, you must translate your subtitles into different languages and accents to reach a diverse audience. If you find it challenging to choose between Amberscript or Scribie for this purpose, below is a clear insight to help you make the best decision. 

Amberscript vs Scribie

Translating your video content subtitles with Amberscript gives you access to all languages globally. Amberscript has a 3-day turnaround time but can deliver within 24 hours, depending on your workload. Note that expert translators do the translation, and native speakers approve of content quality. On top of that, privacy is guaranteed, so no one gets access to your content. Amberscript pricing on translated subtitles is customised based on your needs. 

On the other hand, Scribie does not translate subtitles in various languages since it is only available in English. However, the software can convert your content into multiple accents, whether British English, Canadian, African, Indian, etc. Like Amberscript, Scribie is highly encrypted, and its professionals work under NDA. 

Amberscript vs Scribie Final Takeaways

Based on our ultimate comparison above, Amberscript and Scribie are secure transcription platforms for converting video and audio files to texts. You can also securely use them to add subtitles to your content and translate your subtitles into multiple languages and accents. This transcription software guarantees timely delivery, thanks to its AI-powered feature. On top of that, the software host professionals who edit your work and ensure it’s up to par. Overall, Amberscript has proven to have a faster turnaround time than Scribie. It is also affordable and offers many services. 

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