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26 Aug 2019   Last updated 12 April 2021

9 Reasons Why You Should Transcribe Conferences

Automatic transcription

Are you organizing a conference, seminar, business meeting or any other event aimed at knowledge exchange between people? There are plenty of online tools available at your disposal to get the most out of your conference. You can use LinkedIn for networking or quicky create an online vote via Shakespeak. Today, we’re going to talk about a less mainstream practice that is getting popular – transcribing your conferences.

Why Would You Transcribe a Conference?

1 Inform those who didn’t attend. Unfortunately, there will always be people who can’t attend the event. Send them a transcript to let them know what was addressed during the conference.

2 Focus your audience on listening. Most people either record video or audio or take hundreds of notes, during a conference. Having a transcript that you can share with others eliminates the need for that hassle.

3 Additional publicity. Providing a conference transcription can be another source of PR for you. If the content of the conference/ seminar/ meeting is publicly disclosable – you can send the transcript to journalists or media agencies. That’s a win-win – they have something to write about and more people get to know about you!

4 Easy translation. This argument is invaluable when it comes to conferences focused on research. There are plenty of scientists that want to stay on track with recent developments in the field, but don’t speak English (or another language). Luckily, it’s very easy to translate the text.

5 Automatic subtitles. If you’ve recorded your conference on video, you may want to include subtitles. You don’t even have to do anything for that, just convert your transcript to SRT format and add it to your video.

6 Online visibility. Want more people to know what happened during the conference? Make a report out of your transcript, upload it on your website and it’s done – now people can find you on Google. You can also extract quotes from the transcript and post them on social media.

7 Detailed record. Your transcript will include everything that was said during a conference. You can’t imagine how much headache it saves you on the long-term. First, you know who said what, which prevents debates from the beginning. Not only that, but speaker recognition features separate what was said by different people – very convenient if you need to quote or report someone’s findings. Last, if you have all the information – no idea or thought will get lost or forgotten.

8 You can sell it. No one restricts you from using your transcript for business purposes. If you think that there is some valuable information (assuming all the speakers agree to that) – make an ebook or a set of articles out of it and start selling it.

9 Accessibility. There are many hard-of-hearing people who may be interested in knowing more about your conference. Provide them with subtitles or a transcript.


Anonymity – using an automatic transcription service ensures that you’re the only one, who’ll be looking at a transcript.

Faster turnaround – hiring a professional transcriber takes days, and in some cases even weeks.

Speaker recognition – no more debates such as “who said what”. All the speakers are separated in a transcript right off the gate.

We hope that transcription will help you to get more value from each and every conference that you organize or attend. Make sure to check out our blog for more interesting articles!

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