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26 Jan 2023

Transcription Software for Journalists: Step Up Your Time Management

Automatic transcription

Modern journalists are constantly busy and have to follow strict, sometimes even unrealistic deadlines. Conducting interviews, preparing the material, editing, publishing – all of these processes are demanding. It is not surprising, that journalism is associated with high on-the-job stress and burnout rate.

As a journalist, you probably always try to optimize your workflow and work with greater efficiency. And we know that more than 50% of journalists are overwhelmed by the amount of information they have to process every day and are looking for practical solutions to this problem. But what if we tell you that there is one single thing that can quadruple your productivity with minimal input from you? That’s transcription software.

Let’s break it down piece by piece. Every journalist has gigabytes and perhaps even terabytes of recordings, that need to be transcribed and published in a magazine/ journal / newspaper.

So Why is Transcription Software Essential for a Modern Journalist?

1. Manual transcription takes way too much of your time. Outsourcing to agencies is not always reliable, secure and quick. Oh, and it’s definitely not cheap. Automatic transcription solves all of these issues by providing a quick result, that will be accessible only to you, for a small fraction of the cost that you’d pay for a manual transcription.

Save time with transcription

2. There are plenty of applications for automatic transcription in the field of journalism. For example, voice typing is probably the quickest way to write an article. And you don’t need to bring tons of equipment for that. In fact, all you need is a good voice recorder. If you travel or go out for some field research – simply record your thoughts and observations and transcribe them.

Transcription options

3. Not to mention, that journalists conduct interviews almost on a daily basis.  And the logic is the same, the quicker the transcription is made, the quicker you can publish – the more things you can tell the world about.

Conduct interviews

4. Having a textual transcript immediately is simply convenient. What if you don’t need the whole transcript, but just a specific quote to back up claims in your article? Most interviews are audio recorded and you don’t want to waste time listening to the whole recording just to find a quote. With text, it’s much easier, just perform a quick search and there you have it.

Convenience of a transcript

What’s Next?

In our days’ digital solutions start to become an inseparable part of a journalist’s workflow. Don’t work the old-fashioned way, choose convenience and efficiency. Here at Amberscript, we developed a simple-to-use automatic transcription tool that will help you work more productively. Give it a try and you won’t be disappointed!

Are you interested in how you can transcribe your audio with Amberscript? Follow these three easy steps:

  1. Upload your file to the Amberscript platform
  2. Wait a few minutes until our software creates your transcript
  3. Edit your automatically generated transcripts in our platform
  4. Export your files

You also have the chance to have your audio transcribed by our professionals for maximum accuracy. Request a quote to receive a personalised offer.

Frequently asked questions

Our services allow you to create text and subtitles from audio or video.
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