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10 Aug 2022   Last updated 7 September 2022

Amberscript vs Trint

Amberscript vs Trint
Automatic subtitles
Automatic transcription
Manual subtitles
Manual transcription

Finding the best audio to text software can be an uphill climb. This is because you will have to sift through the numerous options online, testing and comparing many software features to find the best. Amberscript has been many users’ preferred transcription tool because we feature cutting-edge technology to guarantee excellent results. 

Note that there are alternatives to choose from. Below, we give you our ultimate comparison between Amberscript and Trint for the best decisions. To ensure our readers get unbiased reviews on Amberscript and Trint, we consider various elements during our research, including security, fees, accuracy, user experience, and speed. 

Language support3935
Free trialYesNo
Online editorYesNo
Export as SRT/VTT/EBU-STLYesNo
Manual ServicesYesNo
Pricefrom $ 0.17 / minute ^Only subsciption
SecurityGDPR + ISO27001 & ISO9001 certified N/A
Automatic Delivery time5 minutes60 minutes
Manual Delivery time3 business daysN/A
Automatic AccuracyUp to 85%Up to 70%
Manual Accuracy100%N/A

Transform your audio and
video to text and subtitles

  • High accurate, on demand service
  • Competitive pricing with the fastest turnaround using AI
  • Upload, search edit and export subtitles with ease.

Automatic Transcription

Automating your video and audio files through automatic speech recognition (ASR) doesn’t have to be time-consuming and daunting since there is plenty of automatic transcription software. Automatic transcription saves you time and money, thus allowing you to focus on other tasks like creating more content to attract the right audience. 

Amberscript vs. Trint

Amberscript and Trint are AI-powered, meaning they streamline a transcription process and guarantee quality results. You can access Amberscript and Trint through the web and mobile devices to monitor your transcription activities on the go. Besides converting content into texts, they edit content and allow you to share them in various languages. 

Amberscript is available in 39 languages and has a team account for multiple users in large businesses. The tool prides itself on being 5x faster than the average speed. It hosts an online text editor to make necessary adjustments in case their work is unsatisfactory. Amberscript is also safe since it is highly encrypted and adheres to GDPR strict regulations. The software guarantees over 95% accuracy for clearly audible files. 

Concerning Trint, this automated transcription software is available in 34 languages. It quickly converts your audio and video files to texts and guarantees 90% accuracy. Trint automatic transcription service is available in three accounts: individual, team, and enterprise. You should understand the type of account suitable for you for accurate results and the best experience. 

While Amberscript mobile app is available for Android and iOS users, Trint is only accessible through iOS mobile devices. Amberscript price plan starts at $8 per hour of a file you upload or a $25 monthly subscription fee. On the other hand, the Trint price plan starts at $48 per month, making it more expensive than Amberscript. 

Manual Transcription

You probably know that automatic transcription software does not guarantee 100% accuracy, and you still need to edit your work before using it. For this reason, you can use the manual transcription service, which many transcription software provides. Here, professional transcribers will do all the work for you, guaranteeing quality and efficiency. 

Amberscript vs. Trint

Amberscript hosts professional transcribers who will convert your video and audio files into high-quality transcripts. The software transcribers combine their vast skills with technology to deliver quality texts fast at a competitive price. Amberscript also features a quality checker, so do not fret; let it do all the transcription for you. 

Amberscript considers your needs, and so it ensures all transcribers are native speakers from diverse regions. With this software, you can enjoy the manual transcription service in 15 languages at a fee starting from $1 per minute. 

In contrast, Trint only focuses on automatic transcription since it believes the human effort is costly and exhausting. This makes Amberscript take the lead in this category since it also offers learning resources like eBooks, articles, webinars, and case studies to learn more about transcription services. 

Automatic subtitles

Transcription software will help you automatically generate subtitles for your file. It will also be easier for individuals with hearing impairment to enjoy your content. Consider including sound effects and non-verbal cues in your videos.

Amberscript vs. Trint

Amberscript is one of the most affordable software for automatically generating subtitles with a price plan starting from a $25 per month subscription fee or $8 per hour on a video you upload. The software is famous globally and benefits millions of clients globally, including Netflix, Amazon, Givenchy, and Microsoft. 

The AI feature in Amberscript makes it efficient and fast to create subtitles for your video content. The software prides itself on being 10x faster than the average time, making you receive your video subtitles quickly. Additionally, it hosts an intuitive editor that you can use to improve your subtitles quality before sharing the content with your audience. Like any other service Amberscript offers, you can export your video’s subtitles in various formats, including Text, SRT, VTT, and EBU-STL. You can generate subtitles in 39 languages and enjoy a multiple-user account if you operate a large business. 

Conversely, Trint automated features also automatically generate subtitles and captions for your video file. Like Amberscript, it allows you to control your video editing by offering a caption editor to ensure your video is of its best quality. Unfortunately, Trint is relatively more expensive than Amberscript since its price plan starts from $48 per month for the starter account and $60 per month if you opt for the advanced platform. 

Manual Subtitles

If you want to create subtitles for your video files manually, note that the process is lengthy compared to automated tools. Most of these tools will connect you to professional subtitlers who will deliver quality work that all you have to do is share without editing. 

Amberscript vs. Trint

As mentioned earlier, Trint doesn’t offer manual subscription services. On the other hand, Amberscript has professional subtitlers to generate high-quality captions and subtitles at a competitive price. Conducting this process manually with Amberscript guarantees 99% accuracy, thus engaging your audience and getting positive feedback and recommendation. 

Amberscript team combines their expertise with the built-in software technology to ensure everything is per your specifications. The software generates subtitles manually in 15 different languages that its subtitlers understand. Regarding manual subtitles prices, Amberscript’s price plan starts from as low as $1 per minute. 

Translated subtitles

Reaching a diverse audience can be easy if you translate your video subtitles into various languages. Subtitle translation services has made things easy for content creators by offering this service. 

Amberscript vs. Trint

You can translate your subtitles into all languages globally using Amberscript. The software hosts professionals from diverse regions globally who understand all the languages you intend to use in your content. In addition, you can also convert your audio and video sounds to different accents and have native speakers approve the quality of content. Amberscrip is fast and has a maximum delivery timeframe of three days but can deliver small workloads within 24 hours. 

Trint also translates your video subtitles or captions to 34 languages it supports. You have to confirm availability and if it suits your marketing strategy. 


Amberscript and Trint are excellent transcription software, but offer vastly different services Therefore, ensure the one you choose meets all your requirements to transcribe your content effectively. For instance, if you prefer manual transcription or want to create subtitles manually, Amberscript is the best option. Trint, on the other hand, is fast and can handle huge loads of work but at a higher fee. From our point of view, Amberscript takes the lead since its hosts all transcription services under one umbrella. 

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