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8 May 2023

Amberscript vs.

Automatic subtitles
Automatic transcription
Manual subtitles
Manual transcription

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Amberscript and are similar since they are both AI-powered software tailored to convert audio and video files into text through speech recognition. However, some critical differences between the two service providers are worth noting. This is to help you identify your requirements and choose an option aligning with them. 

As professional researchers and transcribers, we did our research on Amberscript and by testing them and analyzing user reviews. Below we share our findings and thoughts explaining what distinguishes Amberscript from Some factors we consider during the research and comparison procedures include fees, security, reliability, accuracy, and speed. 

An overview
Language support3940
Free trialYesYes
Online editorYesYes
Export as SRT/VTT/EBU-STLYesYes
Manual ServicesYesNo
Pricefrom $ 0.17 / minute ^From $10/hour
SecurityGDPR + ISO27001 & ISO9001 certified N/A
Automatic Delivery time5 minutes5 minutes
Manual Delivery time3 business daysN/A
Automatic AccuracyUp to 85%Up to 80%
Manual Accuracy100%N/A

Automatic subtitles

Subtitles are paramount in video files to ensure viewers who are not native understand your content. Also, viewers with hearing impairment will enjoy your content, especially if your files contain sound effects and non-verbal cues. 

Amberscript vs.

Amberscript will generate subtitles for your video files and allow you to edit them using its in-built intuitive text editor. This is to ensure your text is of good quality so that your diverse audience will understand and enjoy it. Plus, the transcription service provider allows you to export your videos and subtitles in various formats, including Text, VTT, SRT, or EBU-STL. 

As mentioned earlier, Amberscript’s automatic platform is user-friendly and features auto-captioning. Its artificial intelligence integration guarantees accuracy and quick delivery. On top of that, the fees for automatic subtitles are competitive; you can choose a $25 monthly subscription or pay an hourly fee of $8. Plus, you can generate subtitles in up to 39 languages and attract a diverse audience to your content.

In contrast, offers a free trial that includes 30 minutes of free transcription. The tool prides itself on generating subtitles at lightning speed without spending much money. Moreover, you can split subtitles by time or character count and drag them to adjust start and finish times. 

Regarding pricing, you can choose between standard, premium, and enterprise subscriptions starting from $5 per hour. The software also features multi-user access. You can share your content on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Like Amberscript, is highly encrypted and has two-factor authentication for secure login. 

Transform your audio and
video to text and subtitles

  • High accurate, on demand service
  • Competitive pricing with the fastest turnaround using AI
  • Upload, search edit and export subtitles with ease.

Manual Subtitles

You may prefer generating your files subtitles manually using subtitlers with vast experience in this field. Regardless of their expertise, note that they are slower than automatic tools but guarantee quality results. 

Amberscript vs.

Like manual transcriptions, does not feature manual subtitles. This leaves Amberscript excelling in this category since its subtitlers provide quality subtitles and check them for quality to your satisfaction. Amberscript subtitlers have extensive experience and speak 15 languages. Therefore, they not only generate captions and subtitles for your files but also verify their quality through native speakers. Most importantly, you benefit from multiple import and export options available in Text, VTT, SRT, or EBU-STL formats. Its accuracy rate is 99%, and the pricing plan varies starting from $1 per minute. 

Translated subtitles

Translating your files’ subtitles into multiple languages can help you reach a wider audience and receive positive feedback. With transcription software, you can easily translate subtitles within a shorter duration.

Amberscript vs.

Amberscript can translate your subtitles into various languages to reach your target audience. It has a 3-day turnaround, but you can have your translated subtitles within 24 hours, depending on your workload. Expert translators will do the translation while native speakers approve the quality before you share it with your audience. As mentioned earlier, the software guarantees privacy and has customizable pricing based on your requirements and workload. also translates subtitles and captions in over 40 languages at competitive pricing. It is accurate and efficient, making your transcripts ready in minutes. You can also edit, split, customize, and burn subtitles and captions to share with your audience easily. The caption and subtitling formats supports are SRT and VTT. 

Amberscript vs which one is best?

Amberscript and are among the best-automated transcription software. They are AI-powered, making them fast and accurate. However, Amberscript is suitable if you like incorporating manual and automatic transcription services. Amberscript is the best since as it combines speed, accuracy, affordability, and users globally highly rate it. Overall, the best transcription service provider must suit your requirements and let you transcribe and translate comfortably. Remember, technology is advancing, and with many individuals searching for information online, you should ensure your content reaches a diverse audience.

Frequently asked questions

  • What subtitle file formats are supported?

    Our software allows you to export the transcript from the video or audio file as an SRT, EBU-STL or VTT file.

  • Can I burn the subtitles directly onto my video?

    If you have exported the transcript as a SRT, EBU-STL or VTT file, you can easily burn them onto your video using video-editing software.

  • Can I change the position of the subtitles?

    That needs to be done using a video editor like VLC. Go to Tools > Preferences [CTRL + P]. Under Show settings, select the option that says All to switch to the advanced preferences. Navigate to Input/Codecs > Subtitle codecs > Subtitles. Under Text subtitle decoder set, the Subtitle justification to left, right or center.

  • How do I generate captions?

    You can generate captions automatically using Amberscript. Our software allows you to export transcription based on audio/video files as SRT, EBU-STL or VTT files, which can easily be inserted into a video-editor. Want to know more? Here is a step-by-step guide.

  • How do I generate subtitles?

    You can generate subtitles automatically using Amberscript. Our software allows you to convert your video file to text and then export the transcripts as SRT, EBU-STL or VTT files, which can easily be inserted into a video-editor.

  • How do I order translated subtitles?

    To order translated subtitles, you can upload your file like you would normally do. You can then select manual subtitling. Once you have selected this, an option will appear where you will be able to select the language the subtitles need to be translated to. If the language that you want is not one of the options you can contact us through our contact form.

  • What is the price?

    For our prices, please refer to our pricing page.

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