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23 May 2023

Amberscript vs Happyscribe

Automatic subtitles
Automatic transcription
Manual subtitles
Manual transcription

When it comes to audio and video content, transcriptions and subtitles are becoming more important. Instead of spending all your time manually listening to and typing out all your content, lean on transcription services for all your subtitling needs.

Transcription services are becoming easily accessible and there are more options than ever before! However, not all services and platforms are equal. It’s important to make sure that you’re getting subtitles and captions that are accurate, timely, and affordable.

You’ve likely spent a lot of time producing content, so it’s important to make sure you’re choosing a platform that’s easy to use and secure.

In this article, we’re breaking down the differences between two of the top transcription services, Amberscript and Happyscribe. So you can decide which service is the right fit for you.

Language support35+39+
Free trialYesYes
Online editorYesYes
Export as SRT/VTT/EBU-STLYesYes
Manual ServicesYesYes
Pricefrom $ 0.17 / minute ^from $ 0.20 / minute
SecurityGDPR + ISO27001 & ISO9001 certified N/A
Automatic Delivery time5 minutes60 minutes
Manual delivery time3 business days3 business days
Automatic AccuracyUp to 85%Up to 80%
Manual Accuracy100%99%

Transform your audio and
video to text and subtitles

  • High accurate, on demand service
  • Competitive pricing with the fastest turnaround using AI
  • Upload, search edit and export subtitles with ease.

Automatic Transcription

Automatic transcriptions turn speech and audio directly into text. Transcripts can be used to create a written record of what was said and by who. Transcription services can be used to get text from videos, meetings, or even audio recordings. These are often a separate document or resource that you can refer to. You can often also find transcripts with timestamps so you know who said what and when.

Automatic transcriptions are typically handled by AI technology. While not always perfect, automatic transcriptions are pretty close to accurate. Any minor imperfections can be resolved with quick revisions. Automatic transcription services are great for helping save you time and money.

Amberscript vs Happyscribe

Amberscript uses cutting-edge technology to create automatic transcriptions that are pretty close to error-free. Their AI means you’ll enjoy some of the fastest turnaround times in the industry. Draft texts are available instantly. Any tweaks that are needed can easily be completed in Amberscript’s advanced dashboard and online text editor. You’ll have accurate and full transcription files downloaded within minutes. 

For confidential content or meetings that require transcripts, Amberscript is also GDPR compliant. You can feel confident that your videos and audio are in the safest hands possible.

The best part about Amberscript’s Automatic Transcription software is that it’s also available on mobile, so you can get transcripts on the go. Starting at $10 per hour, each minute of transcription is only $0.16.

Happyscribe also offers competitive turnaround times with most automatic transcriptions being delivered within around 5 minutes. Starting at €0.20 a minute, Happyscribe can generate audio and video transcripts in a wide range of languages with around 85% accuracy.

Automatic Subtitles

Subtitles and captions are a bit different from transcriptions. They are typically text versions of the dialogue and audio that are displayed during playback – often superimposed on the video. Automatic captions are displayed in the same language as the speaker while subtitles are typically displayed in a different language.

Like automatic transcriptions, automatic captions and subtitles are typically created with automatic speech recognition technology.

Amberscript vs Happyscribe

Amberscript’s high-end AI engines automatically convert your video and audio into text. Automatic alignment and multiple speaker distinction features mean that your automatic subtitles are basically ready-to-upload. 

If minor adjustments are required, Amberscript’s online text editor and subtitle preview window helps you align, adjust, and search through text with ease. Once you’re ready to export you can quickly download your caption files in  Text, SRT, VTT or EBU-STL, and many other formats. There are also options to export with your new subtitles burned in. 

With Automatic Subtitles for as low as $0.16, Amberscript is one of the best value captioning services available.

Happyscribe also offers automatic subtitling. Similar to their transcription service, the turnaround time is approximately 5 minutes and costs €0.20 a minute. Enjoy their personalized vocabulary feature, which makes it easy to adjust certain names and text in advance!

Manual Transcription

Manual transcriptions are very similar to automatic transcriptions. However, they benefit from the help of human transcribers. Some services have these transcripts produced completely by humans. Others will have technology take the first pass, with a human reviewing the content afterward for accuracy.

Amberscript vs Happyscribe

For transcriptions with unparalleled accuracy, Amberscript’s Manual Transcription service is the way to go. With all transcripts being perfected by an Amberscript language expert, you can expect text that is 100% accurate. You can even choose between Clean Read and Verbatim options, to filter out filler words, stutters, and repetitions.

Amberscript’s Manual Transcriptions are extremely affordable, offering top-of-the-line transcripts for as low as $1.25 per minute. Your Amberscript transcripts are available in a wide variety of formats transcript including Word, JSON, or text file

Happyscribe refers to manual transcriptions as 100% Human-Made Transcription. Pricing runs a bit higher than Amberscript at €1.75 per minute. With the service available 24/7, Happyscribe’s manual transcriptions are available starting as quickly as 24 hours.

Manual Subtitles

Just like automatic subtitles, manual subtitles are designed to be paired with video to help users better understand the content that is being shown. However, manual subtitles are completed with the help of a human to ensure accuracy. Manual subtitles can often take into account nuances in speech that often can’t be discerned by technology.

Amberscript vs Happyscribe

Amberscript uses a mix of automatic and manual subtitling to ensure every customer receives highly-accurate subtitles as quickly as possible. With quick turnaround and volume discount options, Amberscript is easily one of the best options if you need to generate large volumes of perfect subtitles. From $1.25 per minute and available in 11 languages, you’ll receive Manual Subtitles for your video with up to 100% accuracy.

Happyscribe’s manual subtitling service is known as their Human-Made Subtitles product. Being able to pull in videos from platforms such as Youtube and Vimeo, Happyscribe can help generate subtitles without having to download the original files. Boasting 99% accuracy, Happyscribe offers manual subtitles for €2.00 per minute.

Translated subtitles

Translated subtitles are designed for users to enjoy videos in a different language. Instead of the language that the dialogue is originally spoken in, translated subtitles can be in any language. This makes it possible for users around the world to enjoy your content.

Amberscript vs Happyscribe

With Amberscript, translated subtitles are completed with care by a language expert. Available in over 11 languages, Amberscript’s manual translations are completed by native speakers so you can feel confident you’re getting subtitles with the highest level of accuracy. Plus, they’re making translated subtitles more accessible with pricing starting at $7 a minute.

If you need subtitles with audio in a different language, Amberscript’s automatic subtitling service is available in over 39 languages.

Happyscribe’s Translated Subtitles are only available through their Human-Made service. While they also offer native translators and subtitlers, the cost is significantly higher at €20.85 per minute. 

Amberscript vs Happyscribe, which is the best?

While transcribing audio to text seems simple, there are a lot of factors that can make one service better than another. From accuracy and delivery time, to even file security, there are many things you should consider before choosing the right platform for you.

Both Amberscript and Happyscribe certainly top our list of top transcription services. They each offer a wide selection of transcription and subtitling solutions to suit a range of users. However, when it comes to competitive pricing, quality, and security – Amberscript comes out on top. Amberscript is trusted by some of the world’s biggest companies like Amazon, Microsoft, Disney+, and Netflix. So you can’t go wrong choosing Amberscript for your next audio to text project!

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