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23 Dec 2022

Springcast and Amberscript join hands to help creators easily transcribe their podcasts

Automatic transcription
Manual transcription

Podcasters can now breathe a sigh of relief, with this new integration, you can seamlessly upload audio files directly from Springcast to get an accurate transcription. 

That’s right, no more transcribing the audio by hand!

What are the benefits of transcribing a podcast?

Transcribing a podcast is beneficial for both the host and their audience. It increases accessibility, searchability, and engagement with the content.

Benefits for the host:

For the host, transcribing their podcasts allows them to reach more people who may not be able to listen due to hearing impairments, may be a non-native speaker or situated in a sound sensitive environment.

It also enables captions for videos on social media platforms such as YouTube and Instagram, which can lead to an increase in viewership.

Additionally, transcripts make episodes much easier to find when searching online since keywords are included.

Benefits for the audience:

Audiences benefit from transcripts because they are able to pause or review covered material easily without having to rewind audio. In short – transcripts make engaging with the audio simpler.

Ultimately, having transcriptions available makes podcasts more accessible and easier to interact with, making them a worthwhile addition for both hosts and listeners alike.

How to get started?

All you need to start turning your audio to text is a Springcast and an Amberscript account.

There’s no need to worry about switching between multiple websites or services; everything is situated right in your Springcast account.

Step 1: Create an Amberscript account

Step 2: Link your Springcast and Amberscript account by getting in touch with our Support team.

Step 3: Recording your podcast!

Step 4: Upload to Springcast and get your automatic transcript 

With only a single push of a button in the Springcast dashboard, creators can effortlessly transcribe their podcast episodes!

Our state-of-the-art AI, will analyze the speech and generate a transcript of the episode – with up to 85% accuracy. Depending on how long your episode is, this should take anywhere between 15-20 minutes to generate the transcript.

Once complete, you can review the text and make any necessary edits.

By combining the power of Springcast and Amberscript together, podcasting is easier than ever! Whether you’re a beginner or a veteran podcast creator, transcribing audio files will help expand your audience and improve your overall production quality.

Get started with Springcast and Amberscript today!

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