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13 Feb 2019   Last updated 2 February 2022

Quotenet – Also dislike the writing of audio fragments? Amberscript makes it a bit easier

Amberscript: a start-up with potential. ‘We serve customers who want an audio fragment to a 100 percent transcript. Amberscript delivers 80 percent good text, the last 20 percent write the customers themselves’, according to founder Peter-Paul de Leeuw (32).

The life of Peter-Paul de Leeuw, who founded Amberscript in 2017, always looked like that of a highflyer in the making. The gymnasium in Bilthoven, bachelor economics in Utrecht, and a master’s degree in business administration at the Erasmus University. Then rolled over to Accenture, where he earned his money for five years as a consultant. But entrepreneurship drew. How you, as a corporate director, can become a successful entrepreneur can of course be taught in one place: business school Insead. “Yes, really, I wanted to improve the world. The only thing is: with many new technologies there is a hypecycle. From one day to the next everyone talks about it and suddenly nobody else. 3D printing is such an example. Between the launch and the moment it is applicable is often a few years. At Insead, I discovered that the technology behind speech recognition was over that hypecycle and became commercially interesting. There is only a huge gap between the American, Chinese and European markets. Gigantes like Google are certainly working on it, but the development power for the Dutch market is lacking. Not surprising: the choice between 10 percent of the Netherlands or 1 percent of the English-speaking market is made quickly. ‘

In order to be able to carry out his plans, he obviously needs money. Already very quickly, he arrives at the young self-made millionaire Paul Montagne of Venture Builders. This guy has estimated equity of € 9 million on the Self-Friends list of millionaires <40.

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