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16 Dec 2019   Last updated 2 February 2022

Amberscript Receives Public Financial Support to Help Deaf and Hard of Hearing

A collaboration between Amberscript and SpeakSee will bring digital accessibility for the deaf and hard of hearing to the next level.

The two companies have received official recognition and funding from the Dutch Government. Being selected as one of the most promising and innovative companies in the country, Amberscript and SpeakSee will work on a product that makes live meetings fully accessible for everyone with hearing disabilities.

There are almost 1.5M deaf and hard-of-hearing people in the Netherlands. The Dutch government is concerned about their ability to be part of the business environment unimpededly. Amberscript develops Europe’s best software to transforms speech to text in several languages. However, the devices people use to record the audio are not made for transcription purposes and often the audio comes out with insufficient quality. SpeakSee, on the other hand, develops intelligent microphones, which isolate the noise and capture only the speech.

The collaboration of Amberscript and SpeakSee will integrate their products to provide the market with good quality recordings which can then easily be converted into text. The idea is to make everything live which means that deaf and hard of hearing people can now have meetings and conversations with ease. Also, to perfect the process even more, Amberscript will provide transcribers who will edit the text in real-time from a distance. This will ensure up to 100% accuracy in the transcribed text with multiple participants in the conversation.

The objective of the project is to provide real-time transcriptions to the deaf and hard of hearing, 24/7. This leads to much greater self-reliance and less dependence on third parties such as interpreters, which are expensive and scarce.

In addition, there is also a great opportunity for transcription within courts, lectures or business meetings.

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