Podcasts have become a genuine cultural phenomenon over the past years. People just love stories and stories are at the podcasts’ core! In this article, we will show you how to use podcast transcription to find new audiences and further engage existing ones.

1. Podcast transcript increases accessibility and convenience

Podcast transcription allows appealing to more people. Why? Information can be presented in multiple ways. For some people, it is the best absorbed when they see it written. Moreover, transcription makes podcast content available to those with hearing impairment as well as to non-native speakers.

And what about the people who are in noise-prohibitive environments? By reading the transcript, they can still get to know the podcast content! In addition, fragments of the transcript can be easily shared in social media, which provides one more way for people to discover content.

2. Podcast transcription benefits SEO

Transcription is very important for strengthening an online presence and increasing visibility. Search engines work exclusively through text, therefore transcripts enable listeners to locate content that interests them and can increase visibility and rank on a search engine. Moreover, transcripts are already inherently keyword-rich, which makes it easier to index.

3. Provides a better user experience

Transcription gives the users a lot of ways of finding what they are interested in. For instance, the interest of a potential listener can be piqued with a short synopsis that is possible with a podcast transcript. The listeners can also benefit from the possibility of scanning the transcript in order to choose the parts to further explore. Moreover, with access to notable keywords and general themes, the transcription helps the content to be more interactive.

4. Transcription helps to create other forms of engaging content

Why not create other forms of content, if a certain theme or topic is compelling for the audience? Podcast transcripts enable to change the text easily into SlideShare presentation, list of key takeaways, write a post, etc.

Transcription is the perfect mean to maximize the potential of the podcast, give an audience what is searching for and increase the engagement.