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3 minute read
18 Apr 2023

How to grow your podcast audience in 2021? Try this tactic to make your podcasts more accessible!

Automatic transcription

If you are reading this you’re probably a podcaster looking for some new ways of attracting as many listeners as possible. You have probably read all those blog posts and articles, where the authors explain to you point by point all the secret ingredients on successful podcast growth, right?

But now you’re here, which means you would like to grow your podcast audience a bit more. Did you consider transcribing your podcast? That’s right – believe me or not, but some of your listeners might actually be readers!

Actionable growth plan

For the sake of this article let’s assume you went through all those nicely prepared podcast growth plans, tips, and tricks. In general, they contain a lot of valuable information and ideas. Let’s try to quickly recap on the most interesting ideas from various sources:

The top 10 ideas on growing your podcast audience:

  1. Know your audience
  2. Communicate with your listeners
  3. Go for the quality, not quantity
  4. Promote your podcast on different social media channels
  5. Don’t neglect SEO in promoting your content
  6. Network with other podcasters
  7. Run some contests and giveaways
  8. Make your content easily shareable
  9. Promote your podcast on YouTube
  10. Measure your results and adjust your actions accordingly

All of the mentioned ideas are great when it comes to growing your podcast audience. I strongly encourage you to google them up if you haven’t tried them yet.

The secret ingredient to growing your podcast – Transcription!

Believe it or not, but there’s a way to double the reach of your podcast with little effort involved. Have you ever heard of converting speech to text services, known as audio transcription? In other words: Audio to text conversion is the process of turning spoken words into written form. Amberscript uses ASR (automatic speech recognition) technology to automatically convert speech into text. Here are the top 5 reasons why transcribing podcasts can make a huge difference.

Transform your audio and

video to text and subtitles

  • High accurate, on demand service
  • Competitive pricing with the fastest turnaround using AI
  • Upload, search edit and export with ease.

Top 5 reasons for transcribing podcasts

1. Different experience

Podcasts are great to listen to in the background, while you’re walking or sitting on public transport. However, sometimes you just want to sit and read and that’s where the true value of your transcription comes into play. By transcribing podcasts and making a text out of them, you give your fans more options to follow your content.

2. Wider audience

Let’s face it: some people don’t like podcasts. Moreover, there are many others who just can’t listen to it. For example, people with hearing disabilities or those that don’t understand the language that well. Have you ever asked yourself “how to grow podcast audience”? Well, this might be a solution! Thanks to transcribing your podcast, you will have the opportunity to spread your knowledge around a broader audience, who’d otherwise be excluded.

3. More presence on Social Media

Besides promoting the podcast itself, through transcribing podcasts, you can easily take quotes out of it and share them through social networks, like YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and even Spotify!

4. Effective SEO

Textual information is much more discoverable by search engines – audio files cannot be found by Google and others unless you write down what the audio is about. Transcribing podcasts increases the chance of your content being found on the web.

5. It’s effortless through a podcast transcription service!

Don’t want to bother wasting hours on manual transcription? Are you looking for podcast transcription software? At Amberscript, you can have a solid transcript of your podcast done in 5 minutes, brought to you by our latest speech recognition technology. Transcribing podcasts has never been so easy!

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