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10 Aug 2022   Last updated 7 September 2022

Amberscript vs GoTranscript

Amberscript vs GoTranscript
Automatic subtitles
Automatic transcription
Manual subtitles
Manual transcription

The days of losing crucial information when trying to type, listen, or watch videos to transform knowledge into texts are long gone. Our speech and video conversion is now a piece of cake thanks to technological innovation and the usage of automatic speech recognition (ASR) software. 

Among the numerous commonly used transcribing tools are Happy Scribe, Rev, Descript, Amberscript, TranscribeMe, and GoTranscript. Before choosing your favorite transcription software, you should consider the pricing, delivery quality, speed, security, accuracy, and user experience. 

Today, we’ll contrast two popular transcription tools, Amberscript and GoTranscript, to see which offers the best transcription and subtitling services and get more bang for your buck,  

Language support3935
Free trialYesNo
Online editorYesNo
Export as SRT/VTT/EBU-STLYesNo
Manual ServicesYesNo
Pricefrom $ 0.17 / minute ^from $ 0.78 / minute
SecurityGDPR + ISO27001 & ISO9001 certified N/A
Automatic Delivery time5 minutes60 minutes
Manual Delivery time3 business days7 business days
Automatic AccuracyUp to 85%Up to 80%
Manual Accuracy100%99%

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Automatic Transcription

Automatic transcription converts audio or video using artificial intelligence and automated learning. The computerized transcription program records the sound waves and converts them into digital text.

Amberscript vs. GoTranscript

Amberscript uses automated voice recognition technology to identify many speakers, capture ambiguous words, and construct the text into a complete manuscript. GoTranscript does not use artificial intelligence to translate speech into text, making Amberscript faster and more efficient. 

Amberscript, a prime example of automatic transcription software, is regarded as competent in transcribing transparent languages. However, it falls short with ambiguous talks, making it less accurate and flawless. In comparison to GoTranscript, Amberscript can transcribe lengthy human speeches more quickly.

Regarding user security and experience, Amberscript is well-known because it can provide both mechanical and automatic transcriptions and offers a secure user interface. Because companies may request unique solutions utilizing artificial intelligence and then hire a human professional transcriber to edit for correctness. In this case, many firms prefer using this platform. This doesn’t make GoTranscript less secure since it is highly encrypted and has its professionals working under NDA.

The security and privacy features in Amberscript are powerful, and you can feel secure knowing that your data and information are safe because of GDPR compliance, ISO certification and NDA signing. Audio and video transcription with Amberscript is $10 per hour.

Manual Transcription

The popularity of manual transcription is declining as technology advances. Essentially, it calls for someone to listen to an audio or video file before transcribing. The person will need to go back to specific areas of the video or audio and pay close attention to ensure they understand everything. However, manual transcription still has many benefits, and most companies still embrace it. 

Amberscript vs. GoTranscript

GoTranscript is the transcription tool for you if you prefer manually produced transcripts. A group of human experts will listen to your audio and video files and convert them to text. Amberscript is a platform for automatic transcription but also a tool for manual and automatic transcribing.

On accuracy and speed of delivery used to automate transcription, GoTranscript encounters fewer errors due to linguistic ambiguity than Amberscript. Contrary to human transcription in Amberscript, which may require a second look, there is no more editing necessary after the audio conversion to ensure correctness.

Since it can take pro hours or days to convert a file, GoTranscript is substantially slower regarding delivery speed. Because of this, Amberscript is famous for being quicker and providing less expensive services than GoTranscript. 

Relative to Amberscript, a platform for automatic transcription, GoTranscript receives fewer user conversion requests. Nevertheless, you may still favor manual transcribing because of its accuracy, especially when speed delivery is not a priority.

GoTranscript service provider values security and privacy policies, thus, protecting your information with 2048-bit SSL encryption and an NDA. The confidentiality of your data is respected thanks to the strict rules it has put in place. These precautions include hiring specialists who sign confidentiality agreements, managing data with care, wiping data after submission, and forbidding transcribers from downloading the material to their computers.

Which of Amberscript and GoTranscript is, therefore, more secure to use? The GDPR, ISO certifications and the ability to sign NDA’s and stricter security standards in Amberscript ensure that no data is lost. In GoTranscript, however, people tend to disregard the rules; therefore, a transcriber might violate the security policy and cause a massive problem with clients’ sensitive information.

GoTranscript is more expensive than Amberscript because its pricing starts at $0.77 per minute ($46.2) each hour, as opposed to Amberscript’s starting price of $10 per hour.

Automatic Subtitles/Captions

Even after translating your videos into various native languages, there will always be someone who cannot pick up the new language. Therefore, adding subtitles to your video can improve viewers’ comprehension in general.

Remember that captions are for viewers who cannot hear the audio and contain the dialogue and additional audio that an audience may require. Since the video provides all the acoustic sounds, such as sound effects and all the non-verbal cues, viewers with hearing impairments can still understand the content.

With automatic speech recognition technologies, captions and subtitles apply automatically. You can quickly add captions and subtitles to your content in a little while.

Amberscript vs. GoTranscript

Remember, Amberscript is a manual and automatic speech-to-text platform, and you will automatically generate captions and subtitles. Amberscript subtitlers will attempt to improve the job and make the subtitles more precise. The software produces subtitles and captions more precisely and quickly. It has an accuracy rate of 85% and costs $ 0.02 per minute. 

On the other hand, GoTranscript is unreliable in automated subtitle generation since it is not AI-powered. However, the software offers experts who manually create subtitles for your audience.

Manual Subtitles/Captions

Human professionals generate manual subtitles and captions to meet the needs of different audiences. Let’s see how you can benefit from Amberscript and GoTranscript and make a suitable choice. 

Amberscript vs. GoTranscript

With the help of automatic tools, Amberscript’s subtitlers can produce your subtitles and captions for a lower cost. The ASR generates the text and the team of human subtitles will perfect the text and quality check it to ensure 100% accuracy. 

With GoTranscript, human experts are in charge of the entire process and guarantee no mistakes. For captions, an expert in accessibility makes audio changes to fit the needs of people who are deaf or hard of hearing. Ultimately, However, it is more expensive than the Amberscript subtitle/caption converter because it starts charging at $1.11 per minute.

Translated Subtitles

As a content creator, you must translate your subtitles into different languages and accents to reach a diverse audience. Choosing between Amberscript and GoTranscript can be challenging for this category. Below, we help you get a clear insight to make the best decision. 

Amberscript vs. GoTranscript

For several languages, Amberscript provides certified translators and language experts. These experts offer subtitle translations that are 100% accurate and adhere to quality inspectors’ standards. GoTranscript, which relies solely on human beings to translate subtitles, likewise provides its services at a competitive price and with a high rate of correctness. 

If your language is not native, having subtitles in different languages can help your audience grasp the content of your video. The information communicated in the video is accessible to everyone globally.


Depending on the work’s urgency, you can use the GoTranscript or Amberscript transcription platforms since they are all secure and reliable. Use them to translate your audio or video files into various languages to reach a diverse audience. Amberscript is a good option if you need quick content transcriptions since it is AI-powered and has editing resources. Moreover, the software supports over 39 languages, which will help you expand your audience. However, consider GoTranscript if you want the accuracy of human transcribers but are willing to wait longer and spend more.

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