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21 Feb 2024

5 Best Speech to Text Tools for Mac Users

In the digital age, efficient communication is the backbone of success. But when it comes to managing multiple meetings, brainstorming sessions, or interviews, retaining every valuable spoken word can be an overwhelming task. Here’s where the magic of the best speech to text apps comes into play.

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For all Mac users out there, we’ve crafted an in-depth review of the top speech-to-text tools that can revolutionize the way you handle transcriptions. So, whether you’re a diligent student, an enthusiastic podcaster, a busy professional, or just someone looking to make life a little easier, this guide is for you.


At the very top of our list is Amberscript, an intuitive transcription software and service provider that has established a strong reputation among Mac users worldwide. Amberscript is more than a tool, it’s a comprehensive transcription solution that combines state-of-the-art automation with an easy-to-use interface.

Why you should use Amberscript

Save valuable time

Audio transcription has never been this simple. Start now and save hours of time!

Unparalleled Quality

Transcribe audio and video to text without errors and receive a perfect export.

Safety Guaranteed

GDPR compliant security and safety. Your files are confidentially stored in a secure environment.


Accuracy: Amberscript’s powerful speech-to-text engine ensures a staggering 95% accuracy rate under optimal conditions, turning your audio and video files into high-quality transcripts in the blink of an eye.

Multilingual: Supporting over 30 languages and dialects, Amberscript’s robust speech-to-text API ensures everyone’s voice can be heard and understood.

Flexible Editing & Export Options: The platform allows for easy editing of transcripts and supports export in a variety of formats, seamlessly integrating with your existing workflow.


Pricing: While its top-notch features justify the cost, its premium features come with a slightly higher price tag. However when you compare it with its competitors in the market, Amberscript’s prices fall under the wallet-friendly side!

With its comprehensive feature set, Amberscript serves as the best speech-to-text software for diverse use cases ranging from professional and academic to personal needs.

Apple’s Dictation

Coming up next is Apple’s own Dictation tool, a built-in feature right at your fingertips. Embodying Apple’s ethos of simplicity and functionality, this tool is perfect for those looking for quick and easy transcriptions.


Integration: As an integrated Mac feature, it eliminates the need for downloads and installations.

Cost: It’s absolutely free for all Mac users, offering a practical solution for those on a tight budget.


Limited Languages: While it does cover many common languages, its selection falls short when compared to other tools like Amberscript.

Lacks Advanced Features: This simple tool does not support punctuation commands or distinguish between multiple speakers.

While Apple’s Dictation might not offer a feature-rich experience, it’s a nice alternative for those seeking basic transcription functionality without any extra fuss.

Dragon by Nuance

Nuance, a veteran in the industry, has captured the attention of many with its Dragon software. Renowned for its efficient dictation capabilities, Dragon employs a top-tier recognition engine to offer high quality speech-to-text experience.


Accuracy: Dragon prides itself on providing superior speech recognition, which translates into accurate transcriptions.

Customizable: With Dragon, you can tailor your experience by setting custom commands and vocabulary.


Price: Dragon’s top-tier service comes at a premium price, making it one of the more expensive options on the market.

Setup: Getting started with Dragon can be slightly complex, particularly for those who are less tech-savvy.

While Dragon excels in speech recognition and offers a highly customizable experience, its price and complexity might make Amberscript a more appealing and user-friendly option for many.

IBM Watson

IBM Watson’s Speech to Text service is a shining example of AI’s potential in the transcription field. Capable of recognizing a variety of languages and dialects, it’s a highly useful tool for Mac users that need transcription on the fly.


Advanced Features: IBM Watson offers sophisticated features like speaker recognition and keyword spotting, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with speech-to-text technology.

Real-time Transcription: Perfect for meetings or live events, it can transcribe audio in real time, ensuring you never miss a beat.


Pricing: With charges per minute of audio, the costs can add up quickly for larger projects.

Technical Interface: The interface can be a bit daunting for those without a tech background, especially when compared to more intuitive options like Amberscript.

Despite its impressive real-time transcription capabilities, IBM Watson Speech to Text’s pricing model and technical interface might prompt users to consider more budget-friendly and user-friendly options like Amberscript.

Google Docs Voice Typing

Google Docs Voice Typing has become a crowd favorite for students and professionals alike. As a free and efficient tool integrated into Google Docs, it offers a convenient way to handle basic transcription tasks.


Ease of Use: There’s no need to install additional software—simply open Google Docs and you’re good to go.

Free: No cost for users.


Limited Features: While great for basic transcription, it lacks the advanced features offered by other tools like Amberscript. It doesn’t support multiple speakers or punctuation commands.

Internet Connection: To use Google Docs Voice Typing, you need a stable internet connection, which might limit its use in some scenarios.

While Google Docs Voice Typing is ideal for quick and simple transcription tasks, its limited feature set might not be enough for users who require more from their transcription software.


So, there you have it: a comprehensive review of the top 5 best speech-to-text tools that Mac users can count on. Each tool has its unique strengths and benefits, but as we’ve seen, Amberscript emerges as the best speech-to-text software. It impresses with its accuracy, multilingual support, and ease of use, making it a powerful companion for all your transcription needs. 

Outil AvantagesInconvenients
AmberscriptHigh accuracy, Multilingual support, Edit & Export optionsPremium features come at a higher cost
Apple’s DictationFree, Integrated with MacLimited language support, Lacks advanced features
Dragon by NuanceSuperior accuracy, Customizable commands and vocabularyExpensive, Complex setup
IBM Watson Speech to TextAdvanced features, Real-time transcriptionPricing per minute can add up, Technical interface
Google Docs Voice TypingEasy to use, FreeLimited features, Requires stable internet connection

But don’t just take our word for it. Experience the power of Amberscript first hand. From professional meetings and academic lectures to personal interviews, Amberscript’s robust features are tailored to cater to a myriad of transcription scenarios. Let Amberscript’s technology do the hard work for you, so you can focus on what truly matters. Explore our plans and find the one that best suits your needs. Happy transcribing!

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