The best way to keep meeting notes and other working life hacks

Esmay Drieduite, 30 March 2020

Meeting notes

Voice transcriptions, meeting notes from recorded audio, and phone call recordings can save you time and keep valuable information exchanged verbally more accessible. We will show you how to use technology to boost productivity while on home office mode.

Home office, flex-working, or working remotely: it is a trend that is taking many industries by storm and becoming applicable to more and more job situations. It is easy to find an internet connection in almost any corner of the world, meaning the need for expensive business trips becomes nearly obsolete. Colleagues can work across borders with little to no effort; it allows for flexible working hours; and therefore also allows people to easily combine their work with, for example, family life.

While a home office sounds pretty ideal, coordinating the communication within teams as well as company-wide could be tricky. Meetings and conferences may be held online, but who is taking notes? How does one keep a record of important phone calls? How does one spread information or training content to those that cannot be present in a video call at a particular time?

At Amberscript we build AI engines that enable users to automatically transcribe audio and video files to text files. Our software helps businesses and individuals to save time, and have an accurate written record of their verbal communication, whether that takes place in person or online. Here are four examples of how our technology can improve communication within your remote teams.

1. Taking meeting notes efficiently – AI is here to help!

Do you have 5 online meetings a day and no time to take notes? How can you easily get back to what was discussed in one of these meetings and retrieve valuable information?

Our suggestion is to record at least the important meetings and quickly transcribe it using an automatic transcription software. If you use software like Amberscript, the information will be available in text format and it can easily be stored.
Another advantage is that, by using our online Editor, you can search through the text, highlight, edit it, and quickly make a summary of the meeting to be shared with your colleagues.

The alternative is using templates for meeting notes but if you can use technology to save you time and have more accurate records of your discussions, then why not?

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2. Keeping track of information exchanged in phone calls

While working remotely, you will probably need to make a lot more phone calls, to talk to your boss, a supervisor or a colleague. You might need to explain new working processes or onboard a new colleague. Everything that is said in these calls may be very important and difficult to remember as the conversation continues. If you record the phone call, you can upload the recording to Amberscript and get a textual transcript. In this way, you will not miss out on any important information.

Do not forget to get consent from the person on the other side of the line to record it!

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3. Voice transcription – Make voice notes and keep the written record!

Do you like to brainstorm out loud but sometimes forget to take notes? Start recording your voice and simply upload the recording to Amberscript. Our tool lets you transcribe voice memos and is very easy. We will make sure that your thoughts are converted into notes and no good ideas are lost!

4. Create Instructional Videos and Training

In case you need to adopt new processes or onboard new employees, working from home may mean you will provide instructional videos or online training material. It might be hard for those watching the content to process all information. So why not provide the option for co-workers to upload the video or audio content to AmberScript, so they can have a textual version of the content? Saves time writing up long and detailed guides and manuals.

As you can see, there are many ways that our software can help make working remotely a little easier. Automating meeting notes, recording phone calls recording, and using voice transcription can provenly improve your work routine! So, head on over to our online tool and get your first 30 minutes of audio/video content transcribed for free!

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