Are you producing your own audio or video content? Then don’t leave this page, as we're about to share one simple lifehack that can make a world of difference for your hobby or business. Are you ready? Time is money, so let’s start!

How Do People Consume Content Based on Their Preferences?

All of us have different preferences with regards to consuming content. Some like to read articles and blog posts while sitting in public transport. Others listen to podcasts on the way to the grocery store or during a workout session. Lastly, some would prefer to watch videos at home during their leisure time.

Furthermore, there are people who suffer from blindness or hearing disabilities, those don’t have a choice between content types. Every time you create a piece of content, you inevitably leave out potentially interested people, who won’t watch it because of their daily routine, schedule or preferences. For example, you’ll be surprised how many of us prefer to read an article, rather than watching a video.

But what if there was a way to capture all of these consumer groups at once? Fortunately, there is one - it’s easy to implement and costs you next to nothing compared to the benefits that you get. 

How To Capture All of These Different Groups at Once? 

The method for capturing a wider audience is basically offering different types of content, preserving the same information. Here’s a checklist, that describes this method:

1 Every time you record a video, make a podcast out of it. You won’t believe how many people will appreciate it and start following your channel. Almost any video editing software will allow you to convert your video into an audio file. Alternatively, there are hundreds of online converters like this one, which will do the job for you. All you need to do is drop the file, press convert to MP3 (or another format of your choice). And… done! Now you can publish a podcast.

2 Now you can make a transcript out of your podcast. Why? Because a lot of people still like reading! Again, no need to do anything yourself! AmberScript offers automatic transcription services - just upload your audio and have it converted to text in a matter of minutes. Now that you have a transcript of your audio, you can use this text and make a blog post or even create an ebook out of it!

3 Use your existing transcript to easily generate subtitles for your video. If you order from AmberScript, your transcript will include all the timecodes by default, so all you need to do is exporting the document in SRT format… and your subtitles are ready! 

schema of a lifehack, showing how to get the most value from your video content

Bonus tip: If you’re a creator of educational videos, you can also share your PowerPoint slides on websites like Slideshare. A lot of students go to this kind of websites when they search for information for their paper or assignment. 

What’s the Real Value of This Method?  

Offering your content in many different formats and across many different channels will make it more discoverable among various kinds of web-visitors. This method is very simple and cheap to implement, but it offers a number of benefits that you can see on the image below.

benefits of transcribing videos

Now… get out there and share your content with the world! And for more interesting reads like this, feel free to stumble upon our blog!