Homework and College Hacks (Do‘s & Don’ts)

Andrei Cucleschin, 30 August 2019

Homework and college hacks that will make your life easier (without getting you in trouble). In our digital age, you can hire a company or a freelancer to do practically anything for you. No surprise that a lot of students outsource some of their assignments to 3rd parties. While there is nothing wrong with a wish to save time, be aware that outsourcing vital parts of your assignment can have consequences.

Let’s discuss the do’s and don’ts of when simplifying your life a student.

Homework and College Hacks – Do’s:

1 Transcription

Phew! This is a load off! You don’t have to transcribe interviews yourself, you can easily dedicate this task to professionals like Amberscript. Not only it saves you a lot of time but also keeps you focused on tasks that require most of your attention.

2 Proofreading

Just finished writing your paper and want to make sure it’s error-free? Great, because having someone else proofread your work is not an issue. You can outsource this task to a 3rd party, so they can check your grammar, spelling, language style, etc.

Be advised, that proofreading refers to minor adjustments and recommendations, but not writing blocks of text or restructuring your entire work!

Instead of hiring a freelancer or a company, you can check grammar issues using software like Grammarly. Or if you have friends who happen to be native English speakers, just ask them to help you out! Buying beer to your friends is certainly cheaper than hiring a company!

3 Translation

Having someone else translate your work is totally legal and fine. Just make sure to mention that your thesis/ research paper was translated by a 3rd party. Also, make sure to double-check that all the citations are still in the same places as in the original version.

Homework Hacks and College – Don’ts:

1 Writing

Never ever let a 3rd party write an entire paper for you since this is plagiarism! There are a lot of websites that offer writing services: anything from college essays to entire theses. One problem with that… it’s a theft of intellectual property and your degree can be declared invalid if someone finds out. Why? Because writing is an essential part of any research, thus it can’t be outsourced.

2 Literature Research

Strictly speaking, you can ask someone to compile a list of relevant literature for you. However, it’s actually not what you want! Literature research is a very specific process that you might want to handle yourself.

Why? Because there are thousands of articles, books, and publications available online, and when you segregate and filter them you delve deeper into the subject of your research. In other words, the more you research, the more you learn, the better idea you have of what’s relevant and what’s not.

You can start your literature research by searching for publications containing your target keywords in Google Scholar (you can also filter the results by author/ language/ year etc). Then, read the abstract and mark the papers you find interesting and useful.

Last, simply search for those full-length articles in one of many digital libraries, like JSTOR.

As you can see, doing it yourself is not even that complicated!

As you can see, doing it yourself is not even that complicated!
We hope that now you’re aware of what assignments you can outsource. These can be valuable college and homework hacks, as long as you know how and when to use them!

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