Automatic Captioning & Transcription for Education Institutions

  • Automatic first-draft captions and transcripts with up to 90% accuracy
  • Reach the highest accuracy with our human transcribers - affordably
  • Easily integrate into your existing workflow
  • Full adherence to accessibility legislation

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Captioning for Accessibility

Help viewers understand what your content is about. Whether it be for an audience with hearing disability, or for non-native speakers, adding captions to your videos allow you to reach a broader audience and make your content accessible.

With AmberScript you can make your whole content library accessible. Affordably. Our state of the art speech to text models enable automatic first-draft transcripts for your captions with up to 90% accuracy - in minutes. Our human transcribers deliver high-accuracy, editing and reviewing your captions. Our human service guarantees 99% accuracy and adherence to accessibility guidelines

Why AmberScript?

leading provider of high-quality captions

AmberScript is the leading provider of high-quality captions for higher education (human & automatic) for European languages.

Largest and best-qualified network of transcribers in various countries.

Speech recognition algorithms for education

Speech recognition algorithms specifically tailored to the Education market.

AmberScript offers high-quality captions - at competitive rates and fast turnaround times.

Languages covered

High accuracy

Our 'perfect' transcription service guarantees 99% accuracy for academic content. We guarantee adherence to accessibility guidelines.

Specific trained models

Speech recognition models are specifically trained to recognize academic terminology.

Europe's largest network

The largest and best-qualified network of transcribers in Europe. Get the highest quality capitons - at the lowest rates.

GDPR Compliant

Fully GDPR compliant. Supporting 12 European languages.

Textredigerare online som är enkel att använda

Vi kopplar ditt ljud till texten i vår textredigerare online där du lätt kan justera texten, stryka under delar och söka igenom din text smidigt. Redigeraren inkluderar anpassningsbar röst-igenkänning och justerbara tidsstämplar.


When dealing with large volumes of video, a smooth workflow to create captions is essential. We offer you the option to integrate directly with the most common video management systems (VMS).

Once integrated with your VMS, you can choose to activate either manual or human captions directly supplied by AmberScript. The rest of the process happens automatically - so that the right captions end up at the right video-asset.

We offer the option to integrate directly with Kaltura, Mediasite and Panopto.

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