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Innovative Call Center Transcription through Seamless Integration

Efficiency and Quality in Harmony: Call Center Optimization through Tailored Transcription Solutions.

  • Real-time Transcription for Enhanced Productivity and Customer Satisfaction
  • Customized Speech Recognition Models for Customer-Specific Vocabulary
  • Seamless Integration with Any Call Center System or CPaaS Platform
  • Scalable Solutions for Call Volume of Any Scale
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Our transcription service, adapted to your needs


Upload your files and let them be processed either automatically by our advanced AI or by our professional transcriptionists. Export the result according to your requirements.


Our innovative AI generates your transcript in no time with up to 85% accuracy. You save valuable hours and still get precise results.


Our experienced experts check and perfect every detail of your transcript. Within 24 hours, you will receive an accurate and error-free document.

Automatic or human-made transcription?
Reasons for choosing automatic or human-made transcription for efficiency, quality and customer satisfaction:

Automatische Transkription
Automatic transcription for call centres:

Fast and cost-efficient solution for growing requirements

In the world of call centers, where a continuous flow of conversations and information must be processed, automatic transcription proves to be invaluable. With the increasing volume of calls, it is crucial to optimize time and resources.

By automating the transcription process, call centers can streamline their workflows while saving resources. Innovative AI technology enables the rapid processing of large volumes of data, generating transcripts within minutes. This ensures that agents and managers can quickly access relevant information to make effective decisions and provide top-tier customer service.


Professionelle Transkription
Human-made transcription for call centres:

Focus on accuracy and quality

In an environment that prioritizes precision, quality, and communication, professional transcription proves to be an indispensable resource for call centers striving for excellence. The finely-tuned expertise of professional transcriptionists guarantees accuracy, detail, and a deep understanding of the conveyed information.

Human-made transcriptions go beyond mere conversation rewrites. They capture the tone, mood, and subtle nuances of interactions that are invaluable to the call center. Technical terminologies or complex conversations are recorded with precision and clarity to provide a comprehensive understanding.

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Quality assurance and training optimisation: maximum effectiveness in the call centre

The precise documentation of interactions between customers and agents enables call center managers to pinpoint quality issues and identify areas for improvement. This targeted enhancement of service quality is thus supported.

Transcriptions play a particularly valuable role as training materials for new agents. When combined with Amberscript, they not only provide practical examples of best conversation practices but also illustrate how different speakers interact. The automatic identification of speakers streamlines attribution, and the marking of key passages facilitates a focus on relevant content. This not only promotes continuous service improvement but also enables effective onboarding of new team members and efficient interaction.

Efficient information storage and compliance assurance: A strong foundation in customer service

The seamless integration of efficient information storage and legal protection makes transcriptions a cornerstone in call center operations. By recording all conversation details, transcriptions serve as an indispensable reference for critical information exchanged during the dialogue.

In cases of disputes or legal requirements, transcriptions serve as reliable evidence of completed conversations, bolstering the call center’s position and providing security.

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