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Spanish Transcription

Create your Spanish transcript with Amberscript

Are you looking to turn your Spanish audio to text? We can help. Amberscript creates transcripts from your video or audio files with automatic transcription software and human professionals. Quickly transcribe your Spanish content in just a few clicks!

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Spanish Automatic Transcription

Artificial intelligence (AI) creates a draft of your transcript in the audio’s language.

Amberscript automatic transcription
  • Complete audio transcription in minutes
  • Cost-effective solution for small projects
  • Seamless online editor to edit your transcripts

Spanish Professional Transcription

Our team of professionals creates up to 100% accurate transcripts, so you can focus on other projects.

Amberscript Manual Transcription
  • Reliable text that you can trust
  • Effortless, we handle the whole process form A to Z
  • Fast delivery regardless of your content volume
Why choose Amberscript

Spanish transcription services you can trust

Fast Output

Our AI creates Spanish transcriptions in minutes. Our human transcription service can complete a project in as fast as 24 hours in a rush order.

Superior Quality

Our team of native Spanish speakers and quality checks ensure your transcripts are 100% accurate upon export.

Guaranteed Safety

Your files are confidentially stored in a secure environment. Amberscript is GDPR + ISO9001 certified.


You’re in safe hands

GDPR + ISO27001 & ISO9001 certified.

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Key features of our Spanish transcription service

Here are some key advantages you enjoy when using Amberscript’s Spanish transcription services.

  • Native Spanish-speaking transcriptionists
  • Industry-specific expertise
  • Quick turnaround times
  • Quality assurance processes
  • Customizable formatting options
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Happy customers

HVA (Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences) – Read case study.

Our research group conducts a lot of interviews. Previously, we worked with our own pool of transcribers.
I’m glad that now our interviews are all transcribed in one place, it saves a lot of time in arranging everything.

L. Van den Berg – Lecturer-researcher at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam

Spanish Transcription FAQs

  • What’s the meaning of transcription?

    A transcription is a written copy of something originally spoken or recorded. It’s like turning audio or video into text. For example, a video transcription is a textual rendition of the spoken words within the video. Transcriptions can be created manually or using speech-to-text technology.

  • How do I make a transcript in Spanish?

    Creating a Spanish transcript involves several steps. First, you need a copy of the original audio or video. Afterwards, you can create the transcript by manually writing down what you hear. Alternatively, you can use transcription software or enlist the help of professional transcriptionists. Many services offer video and audio transcription. We recommend going with Amberscript for the best results and quality.

  • How do I transcribe Spanish audio to English text?

    Transcribe Spanish audio by uploading your audio or video files to Amberscript’s platform. You can choose between our machine-made or human-made transcription. Select Spanish as the original language and let the Amberscript team handle the rest. You can edit the transcript as you see fit, and export it in multiple formats (TXT file, Microsoft Word, etc.)

  • What is the best AI transcription for Spanish?

    Amberscript has cutting-edge artificial intelligence capabilities that ensure high-quality Spanish transcription. Bring more impact to your Spanish audio files and creative process with our services.

  • What is the website for Spanish transcription? is a website dedicated to providing Spanish transcripts and transcripts in other languages. It combines the power of AI and human professionals to create 100% accurate Spanish text from your audio and video files. Simply upload your Spanish audio file or video file to get started with transcribing.