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Video translation services

Get more views with video translation

We create translations for your videos with AI-powered software and human professionals. Engage with your audience in their native language with Amberscript today.

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Looking for a fast and reliable video translation service? Look no further! Amberscript provides video translation services at a fraction of the cost. Translate your video automatically, or let our professionals translate it for you. Receive your files in no time. Our AI-powered software produces up to 85% accuracy, while our language professionals provide flawless translations. Save time translating videos with Amberscript.

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Our experienced team is dedicated to navigating you through any questions you may have related to Video Translation and advises the best options for your needs.

With our pioneering AI and professionals that have years of experience in translations, your video translation needs are in safe hands.

All your projects are quality-checked by our translation experts to make sure we deliver flawless translations of the highest quality.

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New burn-in captions product feature

Burn-in captions

With our burn-in caption services, you can add captions directly to your video content. Burn-in captions are hardcoded into your videos. Use this option on your translated video content in viewings that don’t support captions, such as live screenings.

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Why choose Amberscript

Quick and quality translations that save you time

Fast Output

Our AI creates your translations in minutes, while our human specialists can produce translations within 24h on a rush order.

Superior Quality

You can enjoy up to 85% accuracy with our machine-made translations and up to 100% accuracy with human-made translations.

Guaranteed Safety

Your files are confidentially stored in a secure environment. Our business solutions also support NDAs.

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What is Video Translation?

You’d like to watch a foreign film or a YouTube video on one of your classes, but the language barrier makes it challenging. Important dialogues, cultural nuances, and key details become inaccessible due to the language differences. This is where video translation can help.

Video translation helps your content to be understood by an international audience, regardless of language differences. It translates the spoken and written content in videos to other languages, considering the cultural and regional nuances.

Amberscript offers top-tier video translation services with high precision. Choose between professional linguists and state-of-the-art AI technologies to translate your content, and expand your reach to a global audience.

How to translate YouTube videos

YouTube provides access to informational, recreational, and educational content that can be shared worldwide. What if you want to share YouTube videos with audiences that don’t speak the original language of the content? Amberscript is here to translate YouTube videos for you!

We create video translation work for any YouTube content of your choice. Receive the translated version of your video in just a few clicks. Break the language barrier with our accurate translation services.

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We make video content accessible in different industries
Media & video production

Start reaching to your global audience by adding translations to your music videos, movies, TV shows and more.

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Government & parliaments

Ensure full accessibility of your video content for all citizens.

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Make your video lectures and learning videos global by adding professionally made video translations.

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You’re in safe hands

GDPR + ISO27001 & ISO9001 certified

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Volume discounts and dedicated project management

Request a quote for large video translation projects:

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  • Dedicated project management
  • Non-disclosure agreements
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Video translation FAQs

  • How much does it cost to translate a video?

    The cost to translate your video at Amberscript depends on the volume of the work you want done and the service you want to use. For more information on the exact cost to translate videos at Amberscript, please reach out to request a quote. Our team is happy to help you make your videos accessible to your target audience.

  • What is the best online video translator?

    There are many online video translation services available. Popular services that translate your video directly are:

    1. Amberscript (excellent)
    2. (good)
    3. Kapwing (good)
    4. Maestra (good)
  • Which AI can translate videos?

    Amberscript’s AI translation tool helps you create automatic transcriptions and translations for your videos. Amberscript is completely online. Simply upload your video files on our platform, and our AI can help you automatically translate videos into several languages.

  • Can Amberscript translate online video content?

    Yes, Amberscript can translate online video content, such as YouTube videos. For more information, please visit our dedicated explanation page.

  • What types of media files are supported by Amberscript?

    Once you’re happy with your translated video, you can export it to different formats, such as a Word doc, TXT file, SRT file, and many others. Depending on your chosen service, you can receive your translation in just a few minutes. Add translated subtitles to your videos afterwards or choose our burn-in captions add-on service.

  • Why should I translate video content?

    Translated videos are important tools in promoting your content, brand, and business to a wider audience, especially when there are huge language barriers in place. Translation is an important process to consider when making videos, as it helps the sharing and propagation of your message to non-native speakers of your native language. Translation is also helpful in video marketing in multiple languages.