Reliable & accurate transcriptions for qualitative research

  • Automatic first-draft captions and transcripts with up to 90% accuracy
  • Reach the highest accuracy with our human transcribers - affordably
  • Full adherence to GDPR means we make sure to protect the data of your researchers and respondents

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Privacy, GDPR Compliance & Security

As Europe’s leading provider of high-quality transcriptions, we value your privacy. We regularly sign data-processing agreements (DPA’s) and non-disclosure agreements (NDA’s) with our clients to guarantee the highest privacy standards. Data will not be stored outside of West-Europe and you can delete your data from our servers at any time.

All our professional transcribers are specifically trained to adhere to our confidentiality standards and have signed NDAs which contractually hold them to confidentiality.

Our transcribers never have direct access to your data. All transcription-work is done in a secure way, on our transcription platform.

Why AmberScript?

leading provider of high-quality captions

AmberScript is the leading provider of high-quality captions for higher education (human & automatic) for European languages.

Largest and best-qualified network of transcribers in various countries.

Speech recognition algorithms for education

Speech recognition algorithms specifically tailored to the Education market.

AmberScript offers high-quality captions - at competitive rates and fast turnaround times.

Språk som omfattas

För teams som vill boosta sin produktivitet:

Användaravtalet för flera användare

Spara tusentals timmar av arbete genom att ge ditt team tillgång till vår kraftfulla redigerare. Ha koll på ditt teams prestationer i en centraliserad instrumentpanel med centraliserad fakturering.

Vår redigerare används av ledande mediaföretag för att automatisera "loggning", av maknadsundersökare för att möjliggöra kvalitativ efterforskning och av universitet för att öka forskningens effektivitet.

Case Study: University of Twente

Transcription (converting audio to text) is a time-consuming, but essential step in qualitative research. The students and researchers of the University of Twente used to do this tedious process manually or hire 3rd parties.

"For some time now there were questions to the BMS Lab about whether technology could accelerate this process. So far we didn’t find one, but with AmberScript we were convinced of the quality and user-friendliness." - Jan Willem van 't Klooster, Managing Director of the BMS Lab

The faculty BMS of University of Twente decided to switch to AmberScript, which saved them a lot of time and effort, that they would put in manual transcription.  AmberScript helps researchers to stay focused, while monotonous work is done for them.

"The automatic transcripts from AmberScript need some editing, but it saves a huge amount of time." - students say.


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