Subtitling and Transcription for Digital Accessibility

What is Digital Accessibility:

Digital Accessibility means that everyone, including people with functional disabilities have access to digital content. Videos and podcasts become more and more popular as a medium for education, explanation and user guidance. Many municipalities or public institutions offer video tutorials or podcasts that help citizens in their daily lifes.

Unfortunately, people who are deaf or hard of hearing don't have access to podcasts or videos.

Luckily technology can help to easily create subtitles and transcripts so that also people with functional disabilities can follow the content without limitations.

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How subtitles and transcripts support inclusivity:

At AmberScript we believe that video and audio content should be accessibile to everyone - also people with auditory impairments. If you cannot hear well, that shouldn't mean that you cannot enjoy videos, animations and podcasts.

The good thing is that technology can help creating subtitles and transcripts so that people who are deaf or hard of hearing can understand the full scale of video- and audio material. 

This technology is called ASR (Automatich Speech Recognition) and is designed to transform audio into text. Working together with organizations of deaf students, we specifically tailored our product to fit the needs of people with auditory impairments.