What is the best subtitle maker app?

Peter-Paul De Leeuw, 08 February 2019

There are two types of subtitle makers; offline and online. As with a lot of tools, subtitle makers used to be downloaded as a standalone program but has found its way to an online environment recently. In this article, we will discuss both ways of generating your own subtitles. We will also discuss the most innovative and most modern type of subtitle maker: automatic subtitle generation by using Artificial Intelligence (A.I.).

What is the best offline subtitle generator software?

As far as traditional subtitle generator software goes, Aegisub has come out on top to be the most popular free subtitle maker. It is free, open source and includes support for the timing to audio and video and can work with many bindings to do video processing, among which FFmpeg and Avisynth. It can export in SRT format. It is the most used subtitle maker for fansubbing (translating and creating subtitles for noncommercial video by fans). It also has an extensive karaoke feature in which you can edit subtitles for karaoke. The drawback of Aegisub is that you have to download a program and the clunky old-school interface. Aligning the subtitles with the audio the way to edit a subtitle in the subtitle maker is just not very easy to do.

What is the best subtitle app to edit subtitles online?

A good online subtitle maker is Amara. In every frame, you can type your own subtitles and captions. You can then align these with your audio in a user-friendly way by listening to the audio and then pressing a button when you want the subtitle to be shown and when the next set of subtitles should be shown. This part of the subtitling software works well. The drawback is that it still takes a lot of time to type out and edit subtitles yourself in subtitle maker software Amara, around 5 to 6 hours for every hour of audio. Its also not very easy to upload video instantly and export it with subtitles hardcoded inside.

The holy grail: automatic subtitle generator software

An area of Artificial Intelligence which has developed fast is speech recognition. With the rise of Amazon Alexa and Google Home, you do not expect to have to type out and edit subtitles by yourself completely from scratch. With the introduction of AmberScript subtitle maker software, you don’t have to anymore. The online subtitle app uses automatic speech recognition to provide you with up to 90% correct subtitles automatically, after which you only need to adjust parts of it. It’s a huge efficiency boost. The subtitles itself and the timing can be easily adjusted in the subtitle maker, and you can export the video with the subtitles as hard subs or open subtitles, meaning that the subtitle is in the video itself. In this subtitle maker, it is also possible to export as a separate file, such as a SRT file.

Don’t want to bother making your own subtitles at all? You also have the possibility to upload your video and choose AmberScript’s ‘perfect’ version of the subtitle app, which means an extra layer of human revision will edit and perfect your text in the subtitle app. You will have your perfected subtitles ready in no-time and don’t have to bother fiddling around with subtitle maker software yourself.

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