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how subtitles work? 8 reasons NO


How do Subtitles Work? 8 good reasons to add captions to your video content

It is widely known that captioning a video not only promotes digital inclusion for those viewers with hearing impairments but that it also greatly improves the user-friendliness of your content. But why exactly do I need subtitles?

digital accessibility and wcag 2.1 NO

An Introduction to the new EU legislation 2016/2102 – What is Digital Accessibility and who needs to comply with the WCAG 2.1 standards

In Europe, digital accessibility will play a big role in the public agenda in 2020. Driven by a legislation change and mandatory standards on the web content accessibility guidelines (WCAG 2.1), many public organizations are struggling to find pragmatic solutions that fit into budget, fit into processes and that solve the issue of making large amounts of content digitally accessible.

Record a phone call NO

How to Record a Phone Call

In many cases, it may be useful to record a phone call. If you are working from home for example, and you have an important call with your boss, or maybe you are receiving medical results from your general practitioner over the phone.

productivity hacks for students NO

Productivity hacks for students (A Complete Guide)

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