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Automatically transcribe your interview in a matter of minutes

  • Get your papers submitted on time, every time
  • Highlight quotes and passages for easy qualitative analysis
  • Save time on transcription – spend it on your research

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Performing Qualitative Research?

Need to collect data through interviews?

Manual interview transcription takes a lot of valuable time and resources. On average, transcribing a 1-hour interview can easily take 4 hours or more. Automatic speech recognition software can be a tremendous boost to your productivity and a major time-saver. Our transcription software has been used by over 60.000 students and researchers, as well as large businesses.

Auto transcribe your interviews

Dedicate the time you saved to data analysis

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How it works

Upload your audio or video file. Set the language in the file and the number of speakers. We use AI to transcribe your file in just a couple minutes. Sit back and relax while we do the heavy work

Any mistakes in the transcription? You can easily edit your transcript with our user friendly editor

Quickly export your transcript in Text, SRT, VTT and many other formats.