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Research with Precision: Automatic Transcription with Accuracy, Reliability and Time Saving

Get your interviews and audio recordings transcribed. Save valuable time and delve deeper into your data analysis and research interpretation to gain well-founded insights.

  • Seamlessly convert interviews to text with AI – 85% accuracy in 39+ languages.
  • Reduce transcription time – never miss a deadline again.
  • Online editor: Easily edit, search, and highlight text passages.
  • Flexible export options: We support all file formats.
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Simple, Fast, Precise

Ideal transcription service for your research


Effortlessly edit with our user-friendly online editor. Search, highlight and export with common file formats.


Experience the advantage of lightning-fast, up to 85% accurate transcriptions, all made possible by our AI-based software. Get your transcripts completed within minutes.


Our transcription service meets highest standards and adheres to the quality guidelines. Use the time saved to focus on data analysis.

Automatic Transcriptions: Boost Your Data Analysis.
Automatic transcription of your research data is the perfect solution for your research.

Efficient Data Analysis

Automatic Transcriptions for Efficient Analysis and Data Interpretation

Effortlessly searching, highlighting, and categorizing transcribed content simplifies the identification of trends, themes, and key statements. This, in turn, enables a precise and profound examination of research data, allowing researchers to wholeheartedly focus on interpretation and analysis, without wasting valuable time on, time wasting, manual transcription. Embracing the automation of the transcription process uncovers your potential for even deeper insights and discoveries.

Versatile Applications

Effortlessly integrate and sustainably archive your research data with the help of transcription

Transcribed texts offer versatile integration options into multimedia formats. Whether for presentations, reports, or publications, the seamless integration makes effective communication of your research findings easier. Additionally, transcription serves as a reliable archiving method for your research data. With the content preserved in text format, your insights remain perpetually accessible for future studies and analyses, ensuring the longevity of your research and providing inspiration to generations of future researchers.

Overcome Barriers with Transcription

Enhancing Inclusive Research and Teamwork through Transcriptions

Automatic transcriptions promote collaboration within the research community. Researchers can seamlessly exchange data, conduct joint analyses, and engage in vibrant discussions, relying on accurately transcribed texts. Moreover, automatic transcriptions enhance accessibility, offering unobstructed content access to individuals with hearing impairments. This fosters a more inclusive research environment, easing the exchange of ideas and insights for all participants.

Transcribing Interviews in 3 Simple Steps
Upload your audio or video file on our user-friendly platform in just a few seconds

Upload your audio or video file on our user-friendly platform in just a few seconds

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Upload your audio or video file on our user-friendly platform in just a few seconds

Export or share your transcript or subtitles by Amberscript

Upload your audio or video file on our user-friendly platform in just a few seconds

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