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Create subtitles for your videos automatically

  • Increase the discoverability of your content on social media
  • Reach a wider audience with accessible content
  • Attract more non-native speakers to your videos
  • Improve your SEO performance

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Automatic captioning

Are you a filmmaker/ youtuber/ vlogger? Running past the deadline, feeling overwhelmed?

It can take over 5 times the duration of the video to caption it. This means that for each minute of your footage you’ll spend at least 5 minutes on manual subtitling. You don’t have to do it yourself or outsource this task to any 3rd parties. Amberscript has a simple solution, that aims at time-saving and boosting productivity

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Quickly search through your content in text format

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Make adjustments with our intuitive online text-editor

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Export subtitles in SRT, VTT, and EBU-STL formats

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Help search engines find you

85% of videos are watched with no sound on. Help readers understand what your content is about. Export your transcript with custom timestamps in SRT, VTT or EBU-STL format, and easily add captions to your videos.

Reach a bigger audience. Search engines use crawlers to find content online. These crawlers can only understand text, so provide them with a full transcript or captions of your content to bring your work to light.

Why Amberscript?


You don’t have to learn anything. Let the software do the job for you, fine-tune the end result and you’re done.

Quicker output

Transcriptions and subtitles can be made 10x quicker using our technology.


Our speech recognition software produces great results – consistently. The quality of your subtitles is backed up by state of the art A.I. technology.