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Case study
3 minute read
1 Feb 2022

Verbatim transcription for research conducted at the University of Montpellier

Manual transcription

Industry: The education sector
Company size: 4,800 academic staff
Location: Montpellier, France

Audrey Rouyre – Ph.D. in Strategy and Research in Management from the University of Montpellier was conducting a research project on how competitors can work together on big innovation projects. With the example of Project Galiléo. Galiléo is a global navigation satellite system (GNSS) that went life in 2000, created by the European Union through the European Space Agency (ESA), operated today by the European Union Agency for the Space Programme (EUSPA).

In order to fulfill the task, Amberscript was asked to do 30 hours of verbatim transcription of qualitative interviews.

Doing transcription manually

Audrey admits that at the beginning she tried to conduct manual transcription by herself. Results? 1 hour of recorded audio took her approximately a full working day (including brakes), which isn’t different from the estimation that can be found on our blog post. Transcribing audio manually is possible, but this can be a really time-consuming task!

With 30 hours of audio to be transcribed, it could take her up to 30 working days, under the condition she would be solely committed to the transcription process, without handling any other side tasks. That’s where Amberscript’s support comes in handy.

“Thanks to Amberscript I could focus on my research, instead of doing the time-consuming task of transcribing.

Audrey Rouyre, Ph.D. in Strategy and Research in Management, University of Montpellier

30 days project reduced to max. 5 business days

Anyone who has ever worked on any kind of research, probably knows that’s it’s much better to have a transcript of an interview recording, than having to scan through the whole audio file. It is just much simpler to find and highlight the most interesting or important part. At Amberscript we know how crucial it is to have a highly accurate transcript, that’s why next to automatic transcription, we offer manual transcription, with clean read (text made more readable) or verbatim (all words typed exactly as said) text.

We were able to deliver 30 hours of transcribed audio in 5 days. Which reduced the amount of time by over 83%!

“I’ve experienced great and fast customer service, before and after the order with French-speaking support.

Audrey Rouyre, Ph.D. in Strategy and Research in Management, University of Montpellier

Building the right solutions for researchers

Amberscript is building SaaS solutions that enable users to transform audio and video into text and subtitles using speech recognition. Our speech scientists train the best speech recognition engines in European languages. Our online text editor and human transcribers bring the text up to 100% accuracy. Thousands of transcribers and subtitlers work at Amberscript and provide manual services that make up our human layer. In a nutshell, Amberscript helps its clients avoid the pain of manually transforming audio or video into text and subtitles.

Amberscript’s solution results in much higher productivity and time savings and lower costs. With a world-class team of experts in technology, language, and science, Amberscript aims to make all audio accessible to positively impact society.

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Our services allow you to create text and subtitles from audio or video.
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  • Automatic or manual speech to text
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