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Case study
3 minute read
2 Feb 2022

How Camfactor delivers captioned 24Kitchen shows

Manual transcription

2 Jun 2021

Industry: Content and Media production
Location: Headquartered in Utrecht, The Netherlands

As of December 2020, shows of food and cooking channel 24Kitchen, part of The Walt Disney Group, started to be available on its VOD streaming services. Therefore, the demand for delivering produced content containing highly accurate and high-quality closed captions was raised.

Camfactor, a Dutch video production company, is no stranger to creating high-quality video content. For many years, they have been creating concepts and shows for 24Kitchen, RTL4 and other broadcasting companies.

But the real big step, the one that required involving Amberscript into the process, was the beginning of fruitful cooperation with the third-largest (June 2021) international streaming platform. 

The media industry is evolving rapidly and launching our content on an international VOD platform allows us to reach a truly global audience. Offering captions is a crucial step in localizing our TV shows!

Bart Meuleman, Executive Producer/Owner Camfactor

High quality shows delivered every week

Camfactor creates various entertaining food-related shows in Dutch, one of which is very popular: Rudolph’s Bakery. In this program Master Chef and Master Pastry Chef Rudolph van Veen shares his knowledge and passion for baking. These shows were so popular and interesting that The Walt Disney Company saw a big potential for them to be presented for a wider international audience, outside of the Netherlands. Therefore they required content with highly accurate closed captions to be delivered along with the TV shows so that Disney could translate those in different languages.

Building synergistic relationship

Every week Camfactor delivers several episodes of shows like Rudolph’s Bakery to Amberscript. Amberscript’s professional captioners use the AI-powered Amberscript captioning platform to deliver high-quality captions within a very short time. There is a constant flow of content being submitted to Amberscript and high quality captions being retrieved so that Camfactor can hand-in the finalized versions to the streaming service. 

The deadlines are tremendously important as for some shows there is an expected date to be published on TV or the VOD platform.

Camfactor was looking for a sustainable partnership with a company that can constantly provide caption services with flawless quality, according to the deadlines and for an affordable price. Camfactor realized it was difficult to find any reliable partner from the pool of “traditional” partners and knew that creating captions internally would require too much time and resources. Thankfully Amberscript leverages technology to make it as easy as possible to order captions, to guarantee the highest quality and to always deliver according to the promised deadlines. 

The ease of use and the close contact with Amberscript’s team had a large impact on the decision to use manual captions offered by our company.

Amberscript so far has proven to be a very reliable partner – the process of submitting material within Amberscript’s platform is easy, the communication works well and they deliver according to the quality standards and delivery times. I wouldn’t want to miss them in the production process!

Bart Meuleman, Executive Producer Camfacto

Fast, easy and accurate – Artificial Intelligence is used in every step of the process.

Amberscript specializes in creating captions, subtitles and transcriptions as fast, as easy and as accurate as possible. Amberscript uses a combination of the latest technology developments in artificial intelligence and a large group of qualified transcribers and captioners. Every submitted file is first processed by Amberscript’s highly accurate speech recognition software. Afterwards, a team of at least 2 qualified captioners with years of experience in the media industry make sure that the captions achieve 100% accuracy. Every file is checked again by Amberscript’s internal quality team before the final product is delivered to the client. 

Our services allow you to create text and subtitles from audio or video.
  • Upload audio or video file
  • Automatic or manual speech to text
  • Edit and export text or subtitles