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Industries that need accurate transcription services

Modern technologies have a significant impact in many industries. Video and audio transcription is one of these technologies.

Amberscript’s automatic, manual transcription and subtitles can be highly important in your industry, especially when it’s a large amount of video or audio, you’re dealing with.

Read more in our use cases about how our solutions could contribute and affect your industry.

Transkripsjon og undertekster

Løsninger for din virksomhet

Call Centers

Høy nøyaktighets talegjenkjenning for telefonsentre og kontaktsentre

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Media og kringkasting

Automatisk transkripsjon og video logging for Media produksjon og kringkasting

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Automatisk teksting & transkripsjon for kommuner og forsamlinger

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Pålitelig og nøyaktig transkripsjoner for kvalitativ forskning

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Automatisk Teksting & Transkripsjon for Utdanningsinstitusjoner

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Your industry is not listed? Get in touch with us directly, and we’ll find a proper solution for your industry!

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