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Amberscript for Media and Entertainment

The highest-quality subtitles and transcripts for a better workflow

  • Reach new audiences with translated subtitles
  • Receive files fast and speed up editing time and production
  • Build a smarter workflow for your team with one tool 
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Increase video engagement

Get more viewers with subtitles

Amberscript provides accessibility services that help increase your video engagement.

Most viewers watch videos without audio. You can make your content more engaging and more accessible to non-native speakers by adding captions or subtitles to your videos.

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Save time

Focus on curating your content

It can take over 5 times the duration of the video to caption it. This means that for each minute of your footage you’ll spend at least 5 minutes on manual subtitling. You don’t have to create these yourself, Amberscript has a simple solution that saves you time.

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Convert your audio and video files into text

amberscript transcription
  • Generate clean read or verbatim transcripts easily. Available in 39 languages
  • Review files quickly with time stamps accurate to the second
  • Edit, customize and share information in our highly secure cloud-based environment



Add captions and translated subtitles to your videos

Speech-to-text services
  • Make your content accessible and reach new audiences with captions and subtitles in 39 languages
  • Complete projects faster by having captions made with the help of AI
  • Get captions that are up to 100% accurate, including text placement and audio synchronization

How it works

Request a personalized quote

Request a quote based on the subtitle type, languages involved and hours of video you think you will need subtitles for in the next year.

Speak to an expert

A dedicated account manager will be assigned to your project and will guide you through the process of subtitling your content.

Receive your tailored offer

You’ll receive a customized quote based on the details of your project, and receive subtitles for your videos with 100% accuracy.



You’re in safe hands

GDPR + ISO27001 & ISO9001 certified

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Multiple users on one team-account

For large businesses, a multiple user account option includes:

  • Admin dashboard
  • Access for multiple users
  • Centralized billing
  • Personalized onboarding
  • Integrate your workflow via API