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Record, read & export

Transcribe voice to text

Amberscript’s app records and turns your meetings, lectures, and voice notes into text.

  • Record in one tap and transcribe instantly.
  • Upload pre-recorded audio or video.
  • Order our manual services directly from your phone.
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Transcription app displayed on iPhone screen
Transcribe voice to text

Amberscript on your phone

Amberscript’s app records and turns your meetings, lectures, voice notes into text. Record in one tap and transcribe instantly.

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Record in one tap or upload

You can record your meetings, lectures, interviews with one tap or upload the pre recorded audio or video files from your phone.

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Live preview

Real-time transcripts of the audio while speaking as assistant to the deaf and hard of hearing.

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Upload audio or video

Ability to upload pre-recorded video or audio from your phone.

Who is this app for?

  • Journalists turning interviews into text versions to generate articles
  • Doctors and lawyers taking voices notes
  • Researchers analyzing interviews for qualitative research
  • Students recording live lectures
  • The deaf and hard of hearing following meetings with the live transcription preview feature
  • Podcasters, marketers, and anyone involved with content creation
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Voice notes

Turn your phone into a dictation tool

Automated dictation with live preview.

Try our app for free – the first 10 min can be used either on desktop or on your phone.



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App editor
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Multiple languages and manual services

Automatic transcription is available in 39+ languages

You can order human revision directly from the app

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Transcripts and subtitles

Export options

Export – Check the transcript of your recording, and export your transcript as a Word (.docx), JSON, or plain text file (.txt), with optional timestamps and speaker distinction.

Export subtitle files from your video recording in SRT, VTT, or EBU-SLT. Netflix, BBC, or custom formatting is available. 

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Pay per hour of audio uploaded, no string attached.

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